DIY pRoject No. 8>>>

Ok, so Summer is almost over & lest you thought I'd forgotten about the DIY Summer Series Project, I thought it was time to get some pix of what I've been up to.

My sister & I were totally inspired by Orange Poppy's Etsy shoppe filled with delicious ruffle necklaces. You know when you have jewelry that you LOVE but you lose a piece, or part of it gets broken? Well, when we saw Rebekah's ingenius way of using jewelry...we had to try it! fun to use House of 3 digital papers printed out on fabric for the ruffle? Yea...check this out!
The above fabric piece is the Damask Brushes created as a pattern, then printed out on the fabric piece & made into the necklace.
I sewed vintage glass buttons onto the digital printed fabric, created the necklace & voila! A
DIY Summer Series Project! ...didn't buy anything new...used everything in my studio. **3:30 a.m. made for quite the fun project!**

Supplies Needed:
House of 3 Digital Kits **I used French Oo La La Papers here.
Inkjet Printable Fabric Paper
Necklace clasps, chain, findings. **use old necklaces**
Needle Nose Pliers/snips
Jewelry pieces to embellish **here, I used a French Pin I got in Paris**
1. Open up French Oo La La paper. Print on printable fabric.
2. Cut a long strip of the fabric, fold over & press.
3. Sew a 1/3" sleeve for the wire.
4. Insert wire, gather & finish off ends of wire with a wrapped loop on the ends.
5. Add jump rings, jewelry pieces & the necklace chain.
Voila! You're so chic!
Love these! Look how cute my sister looks in it with this tee shirt. LOVE!

We seriously stayed up past 3:30 a.m. creating. crafting. gettin' our creative sparks! I LOVE that! We made 6 DIY necklaces...thank you, Rebekah...for the sheer inspiration. I adore this one...bought it & can't wait to wear it! Go check out her will NOT be disappointed!

&...some weekend stuff:
1. happy Friday...New House of 3 Twitter backgrounds...for a rad price!
But, just cuz we love's a FREE background...going to change mine now! come & follow me on Twitter...**when it's back up I'll link**

2. Congrats to Janet & family....& the winner of the Baby Kit is: OurStory! email me, ok?

3. see what I'm up to with this, too! *wink*

4. Come back on Sunday to enter in a FAB give*away!



Jen S. said...

Those are so original! And yeah, what's with twitter taking so long, can't even get to my background :(

Antoinette said...

These necklaces are so cute! How original of you two. Thanks for sharing it with us :-) Have a lovely weekend.

DesBisoux said...

cute, cute, cute necklaces!

Oh My Gosh. I can't even express my excitement. You guys are soo creative. I'm going to make one of these :)


O said...

Thanks for the background! Can it be used as a blog background? Those necklaces...omgoodness! Sweet!

Traci said...

What a wonderful idea! Thanks, Rhonna, for sharing with us and thanks for the background.

Jen, can you get your background up? I still can't. having major issues today!

O...the Twitter BGs are sized differntly than blog backgrounds,so No..they won't work.But...
You can always will probably take a lot of fiddling!
good luck!

jefra said...

oh no you did'in! these are amazing!

scrappinchic said...

Love the necklaces. Thanks for the twitter BG! And i'm Dying to find out more about SPARK!! It's like a big present under the Xmas tree...don't know what's inside but i know i'm gonna love it!!!

Ginger said...

Okay, I cannot believe what I'm missing out on! Printable fabric paper...Rhonna, you're awesome!

Traci said...

Rhonna, just got around to uploading the Twitter background to my Twitter account but it is too small. Did I do something wrong?

disa said...
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