DIY Christmas No. 8 :: Gift Packaging with House of 3

Yes, it's fabulous to get a professionally wrapped gift at Nordies...I get that.
But..., imo, it's equally fabulous to do it yourself!
And House of 3's heart boxes are so fab for packaging treats at this time of year!

House of 3 Heart box
Silhouette machine
House of 3 Silhouette art
metal rimmed tag
manila tag
baker's twine

1. Adhere the clear heart to the front of the box.
2. Cut out numbers or art in vinyl & put on the inside of the box. (shown above. 25)
3. Fill box with chocolate covered oreos! mm!
4. Add vinyl embellishments to the clear acetate heart, tags & front of box.
5. Tie ribbons on, metal tag & manila tag.
Voila! You have a gorgeous neighbor gift! We delivered ours today & one of my sweet neighbors said, 'oh! You should sell these online!' *wink*

Here's another one I did!

1. Print out House of 3 background & brushes
2. Cut out the heart using the FREE template
3. Adhere it to the back of the heart box
4. Spray paint the outside of the box aqua
5. Add vinyl cut by your Silhouette, doilies, ribbon, tag
6. And FILL with goodies!

My kids call today: Christmas Adam. Tomorrow's Christmas Eve & so, today is our day to get all ready...delivering the neighbor gifts, last minute wrapping & listening to Christmas music!

Here's a cute little cash envie I did up for a dear friend of mine! is grand...but, anytime you put doilies & House of 3 art with's even cuter! :)

And, all you Spark girls may recognize these pastry boxes...I got about 500 of these little puppies & I use them for everything.
I love them.
Even at Christmas.

Yes, the turquoise, black & pink are a little non-traditional, but i couldn't help myself. I made sure I gave them to neighbors that I thought might appreciate the Christmas funky-ness! *wink* love you guys!

I love to see your do-it-yourself gift packaging!
Check out what Amy did here!
And Kerri's darling tags here.
Erin's fabulous packaging here.
Nichol's amazing boxes &!

I'm embarrassed to say...I've seen more...& can't remember WHERE! arghh! So, please send me your links, K?
....can't wait to see it! I've sooo loved the ones you've shared with me using the House of 3 stuff!
keep it coming!
Merry Christmas!


Terrie B x said...

`Merry Christmas` o you and yours Rhonna....
Have a fabulous time...Thanks for all the Inspiration your bring!!!

dustypenny said...

Almost too pretty to unwrap! Enjoy the holidays!

Meredith said...

I love the cash envelope! I am giving my sister-in-law money for Christmas this year because she is saving up for a nice camera. So, I would love step-by-step instructions on the envelope!

~Meredith F.

Meredith said...
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Michelle*G said...

Such cute projects! Love the twine you're using! And the colors!

Traci said...

Receiving a giftie that beautiful is like getting a two-for-one deal! Sometimes I don't want to unwrap a gift when it is so beautiful! Thanks for sharing the inspiration!

These are all the very great and gracious designs and tempting packaging trends which are versatile and fabulous as well.

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