DIY festive art tutorial:: recycled. repurposed.

So...many of you asked HOW I did these little star/flowers for my festive 4th of July vingette.
 ask & you shall recieve....

toilet paper/paper towel/wrapping paper rolls
bone folder
hot glue/glue gun
printed hybrid art from House of 3 (Four printable sticker kit, July No. 4 digital kit, July No. 4 Printable kit.)

1. Take the paper rolls & cut them into 5 or 6 sections, depending on how thin you want your art. Flatten them out as shown in #2.
2. Hot glue them together at the center. Hold together 'til cool.
3. Cut out printed House of 3 art & hot glue in center.

Hang them around for fun...parties, decorations, whatever.... me YOUR 4th of July decorations!


Nancy W said...

You are so sweet to do a tutorial for us!

Dara Lynn said...

I knew saving those rolls would be worth it.... tired of the boys asking me ...mommy why do have so many potty paper rolls in the back of the cabinet???lol......who knew??? lol these are so stinkin fun and easy to do!!!!!

Suzzi said...

I absolutelty love this. Dara Lynn, that is soooo true. I can't wait to string these up. I'll have the kids paint them or glue paper on them for a summer craft to hang around.
Thanks for the inspiration and talen Rhonna.

Traci said...

so much fun, Rhonna! thanks for sharing these with us and for doing the tutorial.

WOW!!! awesome! thanks!

CraftCrave said...

Just a quick note to let you know that a link to this post will be placed on CraftCrave today [29 Jun 01:06pm GMT]. Thanks, Maria

i'm jefra... said...

oh my gosh rhonna, you are WAY too creative! love these.

Suzzi said...

Found another thing to do with the tp rolls. Wanted to share since you shared.

jojo said...

j aimerai avoir le tuto s il vous plait merci jojo

Those are so pretty- I love these for gift toppers! I just clicked over from Craft Gossip and I'm so glad I did. I would love to link to this if you didn't mind.

Aubree said...

HI, visiting from Craft Gossip. What a creative way to recycle! I am bookmarking this page for the jr. high crafts class that I teach. Thanks!

Be careful if you do this activity in Ontario, Canada. Toilet paper rolls and paper towel rolls are banned to do craft with!!!

claire said...

This is gorgeous!

Jamie said...

I'm your newest follower what a great idea. I featured it on my blog. Please stop by and check it out. If you would like you can also grab the "I Was Featured" button.