day 28: ...all good things must come to an end.

Day 28 in our 6 week shape up....
4 weeks.
wow! congrats to everyone still on the wagon! So so proud of you!
I seriously can NOT believe I've been sugar free for 4 weeks. 1 month. 28 days. *gasp* THAT is worth everything to me! Feelin' so happy about that! Check in Tuesday: I'm down 2 lbs. & 3 more inches... how are YOU?

One of my mantras I love is: 
Follow your heart...& you will never go wrong.
When I knew I needed to start this 6 week program, I was scared. I knew I was a sugar addict. I knew my health was on the line...& I knew I had to do it. Everything inside of me was saying NO! You can do it later!
But, I decided to follow my heart...& I'm glad I did. It's been amazing.
see? I can never go wrong! I'm actually DOING it!

I want to thank everyone for joining me on this journey. Your stories have been incredible! You are all amazing & are such great examples of following your heart. I hope YOU don't feel like you've gone wrong! Even if you've fallen off the wagon, or it hasn't gone as well as you'd are DOING IT! 

Be kind to yourself. Be happy that you're better than you were yesterday. or last week. or 4 weeks ago!

Following your heart is a tricky thing. I have had a lot of people ask me, 
'How do you follow your heart?' 
My answer: 
listen to it.  
& you will feel the peace.

Your soul will tell you what you need to do. In the big things & the small things. 
Be still. 
Sometimes we don't like to hear what it's saying, but in my experience, every time I have listened, I have had peace. Even if it's the hardest thing. ever.

And....I've had to follow my heart on many instances that have been very difficult. 
Like now.
I am sad to say: I will no longer be a part of House of 3. I have loved it. But, all good things must come to an end...& my heart has been telling me for a while that it is time.  So...I have listened. It hasn't been easy, but I know...i KNOW I will never go wrong when I follow my heart. 


Wow! I am shocked and so sad that you are leaving Ho3. : ( I will miss your bubbling personality, smile, and your amazing creativity!!! Can't wait to see what the future brings for you!

Julie said...

that makes me sad, but happy that you have peace! I know you will continue to be creative and can't wait to see what that entails. :)

I have completely fallen off the 6 week shape up wagon but I'm getting re-motivated. I'm slowly finishing soul restoration and that's been a huge help for me!

so glad you're following your heart Rhonna, and encouraging all of us to do the same.

Suzette said...

Rhonna, wow a shock about leaving Hof3 but I'm sure we'll still see great amazing creativity from you. You are brave for making changes and difference and I'm inspired. As long as you do following your heart and be true to yourself, that's brave and peaceful. Good luck and look forward to see what's next for you!

con-tain-it said...

So happy for you Rhonna and ALL of your life changes. Today you sure could have linked up with us all on TAKING RISKS. Change is always a good thing and's scary but we grow when we get out of our comfort zones. Best wishes for you during your next endeavor ;) I'm still plugging along in my 6-week shape-up and trying not to get discouraged about my SLOW results. BUT it's a sign of my age and it's just something that I have to get my head around...acceptance of where we are at in life is big and it's someting I'm working on everyday. Have a wonderful week. Fondly, Roberta

delilas said...

Hof3 girls have all been through a lot these last few years. I wondered many times how you girls could keep up. I know how much I have to do and I am not creating new and fresh ideas every time I turn around or throwing big events, or traveling to and fro, my sons wedding just about did me in and it was in our backyard. The House will continue to be wonderful, but as a mother that has seen her children come and go it is never the same when one leaves. You will be missed. *sniff*

Rhonna, I am gratiful that I have found you through this blogging world. You have enriched, motivated and encouraged change in my life. I am still on the wagon, but a week behind you. I can't talk about it to much yet in fear of jinxing myself.

Keep it up girl!!!!

Denise said...

I really want to be supportive but this is just a shock! I'm new to the house of 3 so to hear you're leaving is sad. I'm sure you have great plans for yourself and I will totally be following your blog etc. Please keep us fans in the "loop" so we can still look to you for inspiration!

Sheila said...

You will be missed Rhonna. Thank you for inspiration and happiness. May God continue to bless you.

Missy said...

So SAD Rhonna! I love your contributions to the House. Like others have said, I am so happy you are following your heart - but I would rather your heart remain with the other girls :).
I began scrapbooking with the Ho3. It was a fluke that I found you all...I had never dabbled in scrapbooking...never read a blog....before finding you three.
Thanks for the two years of wonderful inspiration. I hope we will still get to follow your successes, and be able to buy your wonderful art.

Nancy W said...

My sweet and beautiful friend! I fell in love with your work when I discovered your wonderful swirl stamps!! I googled you and found how you were so much more than a stamp designer!! You are not only an artist but an inspiration to all of us! You have helped me see so any sides of myself I didn't know I had! I was so excited to meet you in person last year at Spark! I am in a awe of your bravery and motivation! I will miss you as part of HO3 but know that you will continue to wow us!! I'm excited to see what the future holds, I know it will be magical! Love you all the way from Conroe, Texas!!

To say I'm devastated is only a hint at my emotions right now. It is your work- the work of the 3 of The House of 3- that gives me inspiration, brings me joy, and provides the building blocks of my work. I understand that you need to do what you need to do but I must say that your time is certainly ironic- I got my order from HSN about 3 hours ago- 1 kit each of Parisian Anthology, Soiree, and Daily Junque. I was so excited, I squealed.

Your designs are so much the backbone of the outfit that I can't help but feel the House of 2 will be an entirely different company. That doesn't mean it will be good or bad, just different. I also can't help but feel a sense of missed opportunity for us, your customers as this last CHA release seemed to be a huge ramp-up in your company. I guess the lack of new digital designs should have been my first clue that something was amiss. That after the will charge/won't charge for weekly web show (I was on while you were accidentally on and speaking with Heidi and I heard in your voices how upsetting the entire thing was, how you didn't know what what was best for your company or your customers).

I had a horrible experience with my daughter's dance teacher when she stopped teaching- she didn't tell anybody; instead after the recital, with the kids still on stage, she directed us to the letters waiting for us in the atrium- letters that spilled the details on her new plans that did not include dance. She never said "good bye" to the kids or the parents- she just let us read those letters, many didn't even read theirs until they got home. The teacher snuck out the back door. Now every time I hear of someone leaving a group I'm a part of -my heart sort of freezes up and that experience clouds my reason.

I know you will do great things and I will buy whatever you offer for sale. Thank you for all the great designs that you have put out there for us. Your work is beautiful. And I agree with the comment above that talks about all you 3 do and it is overwhelming and awesome. I can't imagine.

Lindzie said...

I'm trying to sit here and think of something insightful to say, but nothing is coming to me. I will say this. I was grateful to meet you at Spark. You've brought me closer with many people I probably never would have met. Thank you so much for last year's 21 day challenge and your support when I was struggling a few months ago. I appreciate you. I hope you are feeling much better. Hugs (as Nancy would say). We hope to still see you around on your blog and you know that I will buy anything you create for PSE :) Hope to talk to you soon!

I'm sad, too....but, thanks, everyone for your support. I know there is never a 'good' time to do is hard no matter what...
but, NO, I won't stop blogging. & NO, I don't have any 'future plans' except to get my health back!
It's a full time job, ya know?

hugs everyone...& let's keep working towards our best selves.

love you all!

Julie, Soul Restoration is what has helped me through this whole thing..It was truly life changing. I LOVE it!I can't wait for SR2!!!!

renne said...

Rhonna- you have been such an inspiration- not only in your art- but in your attititude! Good things will follow you, whatever your next endeavor- all the very best! :)

Sharon said...

I too am of course sad that you are leaving House of 3, yet excited to see where the Lord takes you next. I will follow wherever you and your artgift goes!

"May the Lord bless you and keep you. May He make His face to shine upon you, and give you peace"

Leonie said...

Yes Rhonna everything in life revolves around your good health, so good on you for realizing it & doing something about it. I am sure if you have gone with your gut feelings on the Hof3 that it will be the right thing for you. Keep up your positive attitudes & thanks for encouraging the rest of us.

alicia king said...

way to go Rhonna! 4 weeks of no sugar! that's awesome! you ARE doing it! sooo sad to hear that you won't be a part of house of 3, but you said it best, you need to take care of you :) You are loved!

Oh my good, my stomach turned upside down when I read this. So sorry to see you leave House of 3. But, as you say- you have to follow your heart. And that is so difficult to do sometimes, but when you say it out load that`s a good feeling and one know it is the right thing. You are such a great inspiration and I am so proud to follow your blog. I wish you the best both in healt and in work, when that is reveald to you. My experience is: when one door is closed another is going to open and that is the beauty of changes.
Take care and a big hug from Norway.

Gina B said...

OMG!!!!! I can't believe it!! So sad that you are leaving Ho3, I was only thinking about asking Heidi on Mouse, Paper Scissors when you would be back. Ive been missing you. I wish you all the best and am happy that you are at peace. Please keep us in the loop on your blog with whats happening and your amazing creativity.
Take care,
Love Gina B

P.S I love your 6 week shape up brush set, had a great time playing with these today.

Teresa said...

So sad that you are leaving, but I am so happy you are putting your health first. We only get one body and must take care of it! I am only on the wagon a week, but you have inspired me and I can't wait to get to week 4 and beyond...

QueenCo said...

YOu are making me cry!!!! I will miss your energy and excitement at HO3. YOU are such an amazing talent-- but it is so true-- PEACE is a huge thing in life and sometimes we have to change to a new SEASON. YOU will be greatly missed!!!!

I respect you so much for following your heart. THese choices are so hard to make... and even hard to execute. Way to go! I will be watching to glean from your inspiring cretivity.

patty said...

S*H*O*C*K*E*D... my jaw dropped!
YOU rhonna...are truly an amazing person. and YOUR health is more important than anything! i am realizing that for myself...

without being healthy (both mind and body)nothing else mattters. it is "our job" to take care of ourselves... and a hard job at that! so, even though i am sad you will not be a part of hof3... i am so proud that you are putting YOU FIRST! as women, we usually put "us" last. and then we burn out, get sick...unheathy... and then we are no good to our family, friends, creatively and so on...

i applaud you rhonna... i am sure this was a hard and possilbly scarry decision... but you made it for YOU and YOU ARE WORTH IT!

thank you for taking care of you...
i look forward to still coming to visit you on your blog...

here's to a


amy said...

thank you for your strength, seester.
love you.

Tamara said...

My Dear Rhonna - It is often difficult listen to that still small voice and follow your heart. I admire your courage and strength - and so many beautiful talents that you are so generous to share with others. I pray that you will be able to regain your health my friend. Love & HUGS- Tamara

hks said...

dear rhonna,
while i have known about this change for some time, i too am sad for the change... i admire you for so many things. i love you, and appreciate all the things that i have learned from you during our amazing time together at House of 3!! you are such a brilliant talent, and amazing mom... i know that this was a big decision, and that it wasn't easy...and you are right, all good things must come to an end!
i will be forever grateful for what you have shared with me!

Rebecca said...

Oh, Rhonna, I am so sad to see that you are leaving House of 3, but totally agree that you need to follow your heart!! So, if that's what you feel you need to do, I totally understand! And, I'm certain we will still get wonderful, creative things from you! :) (((hugs)))

Danielle said...

I must also say that I'm sadden by the news of your leaving H03. I've been following you for some years now - way back when you had your first blog on typepad. You answered an email from me, which completely shocked me, because I figured you would not have any time to reply. Not only did you reply, but you replied as a friend. I have since followed you and love your inspiration, creativity, and fun loving nature. You make me smile and think positive. I love your courage and ability to follow your heart. I struggle with that. I am deciding if I should participate in Soul Restoration - the next session starts on my birthday. Maybe that is a sign to jump in and get back to me. :) Best of luck to you Rhonna - you inspire so many people.

Your MN friend, Danielle
PS. I also have been doing the 6 week shape up, and got your digital kit- love playing around with it. I would say that I am half on the wagon, so need to give myself a little boost! ;)

Danee said...

I don't know why I am still so shocked and sad about this.. really it isn't my business. As I read through the comments added since my last post it hit me- I am just as an amazing nurse as you are at what you do but because of health reasons (and a little bit because of my kids) I had to stop doing that. Just like you, I had to put myself first but I miss it so much. I hope that you find some peace so that you can produce your amazing artwork- which we will buy no matter what you do or where you sell it- while still caring for yourself and being a mom and a wife. Those are of course the most important things in life. I guess I am really sad because the three of you spoke to me in ways that very few artists do on a continual basis. I have posted over and over about my love for Heidi and how reading her book on texture -and literally picking her out of the bunch because I loved her work the most- but really the trifecta of you three was what really did it for me. I own almost all of the files you have offered for sale and even messed up and bought a few files more than once. You each contributed your own unique area of expertise and that won't ever be the same again. I am thankful for what you did offer me and I am grateful that I found House of 3 even before you went live so I as able to enjoy both years.

I too am taking SRIi and I think that Melody is amazing. So I hope I see you in blogland.

rachele said...

I am sad to hear this news but understand that you need to do whatcha gotta do & that is put yourself & your health first! I'm pretty new to Ho3 but in the short time since I discovered you guys I have been so motivated by your projects, your creativity & most of all your energy & zest for life. I'm going to miss all that you brought to Ho3 but know you will only be but a blog post away. :) Take care of yourself & may God bless you.

carriep said...

will much your bubbly self!
Glad for the peace you are feeling in this decision! God bless!

gleestormont said...

One thing we all know, you are an unstoppable creative force and we will be hearing from you and seeing your always amazing work. love and good luck to you beautiful one!!

Melissa said...

Congratulations on staying true to yourself and your loved ones. By taking care of yourself, you will be blessing so many in your path. I have been a huge fan of your designs since I stumbled across your Mother's Day album 5 years ago and buy anything with the name Rhonna Farrer on it! I will continue to do so as well because you have inspired me once clear my plate (no matter how great the things are on it) and care for myself and my family. I've never met you, but I love ya girl!

Debbie said...

Rhonna - Best wishes as you travel your next path in life! I so believe in following your heart. It will take you where you need to be for sure.

You are always so inspiring...with your designs and your attitude. Will miss you terribly of Hof3 but will keep following your blog.