gRand opening's here.  
I'm excited to finally be opening up my store
Yes, this is a 
Grand Opening...
for a few reasons.

one. It's the beginning of Grand things.
two. LIKE us over on Facebook and we will be giving away some Grand Prizes.
three. I have many Grand ideas in my head to share with uplift and inspire.

Here's my vision of 2 places to gain inspiration: 

where DESIGNS TO UPLIFT AND INSPIRE will be housed. 
A place to house my artwork, workshops, etc.

Rhonna Designs: the blog.
where IDEAS TO UPLIFT AND INSPIRE will be housed.
And this is the place where I, along with my cReative Team, will share ideas, inspiration & a part of our heart & soul with you...

Be sure to check back often...I have many fun ideas & designs dancing in my head...when the kits are complete, I'll be sure to share them with you on this site...

I'll share a few of my faves with you....

One thing I'm excited about is the designs that I have (& will be) designing with other crafts in this 'She Lives...' word art.

Simple. Powerful. and...was designed with screen printing in mind.
or stamp making.
or home decor.
you get it. 
So fun. one design can be used in so many ways.
and, it's just plain inspiRing!

The Honeycomb collection makes me smile! I LOVE these Honeycomb Pieces:
Just LOOK at what Nancy created with one of the pieces...LOVE!

And, of course, the Honeycomb printable paper backgrounds just make me plain giddy!
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The thing I love so much about these simple patterned papers is: 
they are a 'go-to' for any project. 
Small & large, textured & plain. 
 There is a color scheme, but can ALWAYS change the colors sooo easily! I'll have a simple step by step tutorial here tomorrow! So, stop on by!

One of my fave collections is the Quatrefoil...I adore the tags. They are large enough to add to layouts, cards...but, you can always re-size them to make them smaller for blogs, photos, invitations...LOVE!
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I adore the backgrounds...
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This kit is HUGE. It comes in 8.5x11 plain patterns...but, then, those same patterns are glammed up in 12x12 with tags, colors, patterns....and that is what you see in the preview in the store.  So, imagine these same simple patterns accompanying these glam patterns...all in ONE kit! oh my! ...they make me happy...ready to cReate something!

And..I LOVE know that. So, these Simple and Fun Tags are deeelightful. Offered in Printable, but also includes the PNG for digital or clip art crafting.
for now...jump on over to the store to see the DESIGNS TO UPLIFT AND INSPIRE.
Hope you capture my vision...& leave feeling uplifted and inspired.
Thanks so much to everyone for a wonderful excited to take this cReative jouRney with you all!


Traci said...

so excited for you on this new're so inspiring and ah*mazing, girl! tickled pink over here!

Sheila said...

Talk later, off to the store!

Anj said...

How exciting! Your style is just plain spectacular and inspiring! :)

Hi Rhonda,

I am so happy that you have started another adventure...

Great Wishes!!!

big, BIG congrats to you sweets. SO very proud of you. thank you for giving our lives all the more inspiration to uplift and inspire. cheers to you on so many levels! xoxo, rachel

Barbara said...

Congrats to you!

Simply breath-taking. Can't wait to play!

Gorgeous designs. Goodluck with all your fabulous endeavors.

Nicole Maki said...

I don't think these designs could be any more wonderful. Honeycomb Pieces is incredible.


Danee said...

seriously? I just had my 25th high school reunion August 6th and we were Hornets so I was looking all over for Bee's. I found one at Graphic Fairy but here how put it all out easy. I can't tell yo know many times I have done something the hard way and 2 months to a year later there is it easily available.

Leslie said...

So glad to finally see your shop open! Love it!! All my favorite colors!

amy said...

i love it, rhonna!! the new site is delightful! you're my hero. :)

jacgonz said...

Awesome line, I have always loved your designs. Congratulations on the Grand Opening! wooo-hoooo. Wish I was really there :)

Lisa Barrie said...

New adventures are so exciting. Congrats on the new designs, I'm heading to the store NOW!!!

Missy said...

So excited that ideas are dancing in your head...and that you're gonna share!

Melanie said...

It all looks great!

Edie Schmidt said...

It all looks fantastic!! I love what you have done.

Renee said...

Congrats, Rhonna! Everything looks so beautiful! I am so proud of you!! You are amazing and so are your designs!!



Amy said...

Store looks amazing! Will you have a newsletter I can sign up to receive? {fingers crossed}

Leslie Kiley said...

Good luck on your new adventure! I am a BIG fan!