DIY Christmas: Doily flowers. Gift Wrap. Garlands.

Super easy DIY here for Christmas or anytime. All you need is a bunch of doilies, hot glue...& that's it. Seriously! check out the Gift Wrap ideas and the Garland idea!

Step. No. 1:
Take a stack of doilies & fold in half.
Step. No. 2: 
Separate the doilies.
Step. No. 3:
On a heat resistent surface, hot glue a line directly onto the surface. Put 2 of the folded doilies side by side on the line of glue.
Step. No. 4:
Add another line of glue on top of the 2 folded doilies in the middle...add 2 more doilies.
Step. No. 5:
Repeat Step No. 4.

Let cool. fluff the flower. create with it.

Add Gift tags like the ones I showed you HERE last year. I created some new ones this year with the Christmas Junque Background papers, wire, toothpicks & pearls. LOVE that you can use the wire to bend the flag as if it's waving in the wind. cuuuuute!
Use this same technique but instead of gluing it to the work surface, glue right to Jute twine & then hang as a garland. I have these all over my house right now. LOVE.

See? Simple. Easy. DIY tutorial! Happy creating!


jamie said...

i love insight into your creative wiles. always so very inspiring. love them all.
and you know i am curious about that book paper flower. it is gorgeous!!!

peggylee said...

loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee it all!!!! You are such an inspiration!!

mandysea said...

gorgeous - looks soft and romantic

Inspiring sweet work, love to love you.

you make it easy to follow..helpful for me..i am glad you share it.

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