Photography Tips and Tricks with your phone apps

You know how much I LOVE my phone & the apps I can use...I shared my top ten fave apps HERE & now I'm sharing my fave tips& tricks with my phone!
Since my post of my top ten fave apps, a lot of them have been upgraded with new bells & whistles AND I've found some fun tricks to use with them! When I post to my Instagram feed, I try to remember to post my #appmashup, where I tell which apps I've used in my photo. But, with so many questions about HOW I create the various looks, I'll show you some of my tips & tricks:

Don't be afraid to mix apps.  There's no rule to how many apps you can use at once on any given photo. In fact, when I have time, mixing & layering apps is one of my favorite daily Creativity Exercises to do!
*Here's my original photo I took with my regular Camera app on my phone.

*Here's the example of applying cropping & adding 2 different filters in Picture Show (click on top at "Original" & then scroll down to apply various filters you love for that particular photo. TIP: each photo is different, therefore, there is no set recipe. This is where your creativity comes around. experiment. don't be afraid.)
Play with light & textures. I saved this version out of Picture Show into my Camera Roll & then opened it up in Pic FX to add the bokeh light effect. (click on 'Light' & apply any of the bokeh filters you love. TIP: You can tap on the face of the photo & adjust the rotation AND opacity...brilliant!)
*This is where I add Lens Light into the mix. See the 2 'halo' light effects? I love Lens Light for this reason; you can apply as many light effects as you want by hitting: Render Add Light.  You can also change the size by pinching your fingers on the light effect AND hit the far left button to adjust the Opacity levels.

Get creative with collages. Now, for frames & rounded corners, there are lots of apps you can use, but on this one, I used DipTic. I love this one for the variety & how rounded you can make the corners. (you can even make it a complete circle!) AND it gives great Photo Collage looks like these:

Have fun with text & dingbats. And, lastly...I love to add text to my photos in Phonto.  Yes, there are lots of other ways to add text, but the latest upgrade to Phonto allows you to sync your OWN fonts with the app! My friend, Lindzie Head did a great little tutorial on syncing & getting started HERE
TIP: In Phonto, you can use DINGBATS! Yes...all of my Rhonna Designs fonts can be used PLUS the dingbats that are my art in font format! Isn't that fun? 
So on this one photo, I had 5 different versions I saved on my Camera Roll until I was ready to upload it into Instragram.  
TIP: Go in & delete the ones off your roll so you don't fill it up w/ various versions of the same one....unless you want a lot! LOL!

Leme Cam App: This has become one of my favorites to shoot directly from. BUT...I trick I've found is: I always keep it on Manual with the Camera Bag settings at: Leme Leme + Margarita + Wide Screen. This gives a lovely color & vignette to pics and I like the very neutral frame. BUT, one TIP: You need a good light for this. If it's dark at all, it will turn out way too dark.

Filter Mania App: I LOVE the texture that the Grunge filter gives...see above? That awesome text & canvas texture is the Grunge filter. TIP: It looks good on backgrounds, scenery, but not so great on faces, unless it hits a place that's not directly on the skin...that looks a little creepy!

Pic FX App: The LIGHT filters are fab in this app. I LOVE that you can apply the Bokeh effect, then adjust the opacity & rotate it when you simply tap on the screen.  Again....if you want to mix & layer, simply go to: 'Add Another'.

Labelbox App: I love that you can layer the labels. Here, I've got the doily tape (extra $) and I just added it w/ no text. THEN added the Black Dymo label with text.  So fun & easy!

LensLight App: There are so many light effects in this app that it's crazy fun! One tip I like is: Look at the shapes....use them in your photos as Design Elements...i.e. Here, I needed a circular shape to balance out the top left corner. I used the Sparkle effect, pinched with my fingers to make it the size I needed & then adjusted the Opacity so it wasn't SO bright. 

Masking Tape App: This is one everyone must have FOR SURE! It's amazing with the upgrades. You can adjust the colors, sizes, even the end 'tape rips' design along with GOBS of designs! I love this one! TIP: again, this is a fun app to use for not only decorations & text, but also for design elements. Try a little diagonal snippet on the corners of your photo, or even create a frame out of it!

Phonto App: This is a must have as well. I loved it before, but love it even more now that you can sync all of your own fonts! The fact that you can use dingbats in there is so fun! The above design has the flowers & swirly from my Rhonna Designs Dingbat font. 
And the fact that you can add a stroke around the font, change colors & opacity, size and's a cryin shame if you don't have Phonto! LOL!

The main thing to remember: have fun & explore all your options in the apps. Each picture you take is different...the light, the textures, the look & feel you want to evoke, etc. So, there's no set recipe or formula....get creative with your iPhoneology! I'm serious iPhonesia is addictive, so be careful! I warned you!


Sy said...

great post, great pointers

Not sure if you were aware of this or not, but I've just discovered that PhotoForge2 allows you to add layers to your photos. I put my Rhonna Designs files into my Dropbox folder, have the Dropbox app on my phone, then save the colored PNG files to my Camera Roll. Once you open a photo up in PhotoForge, you can open up the PNG and layer them on your photos, resize etc so it's mobile digital scrapbooking!

oo, fun! I LOVE learning about new stuff...will have to check it out! Thanks!

Cherie said...

This is great! I follow you on instagram and I always love all the things you do to your pics!

I'm @rustandglitter

Emily said...

Totally pinned this! Thank you!!!

ValeriGail said...

How did I not know about Phonto!! Seriously cool! Love your list of apps too. I've been trying to figure out how to do more of a scrap type layout on the phone for some time now, and you've just opened up a door for me, I think! So excited! Like I can barely sit still, I wanna go play on my phone right now! LOL Great post! And love your instagram feed too!

neisha said...

You are amazing! Thanks for the post! I linked it in the DST forum and pinned it!

Missy said...

I love that you are always so willing to share your creativity - no wonder God has blessed you so richly in this area (and others)!

Roben-Marie said...

Great tips and thanks so much! I second the mention of Drop Box! I use it to move things between my IPad and IPhone. Cheers! RM :)

Two Mittens said...

You are the QUEEN of photo apps!

Sandi Keene said...

Great article!! Thanks for the tips.

Dar said...

Hi Rhonna, Love your iPhone editing tips!! They're fabuloso!! I do have a question though. How do you remove fonts from Phonto? I haven't been able to figure it out or find any info on it. Thanks for your help. Darlene

Emma Miya said...

you are so awesome! thanks for the tips~!

Emma Miya said...

ok... got everyone of them (already had some). hahah thanks for adding to my already existing photo app addiction! ;)

Yup, those are all great photo applications. Good effects, editing plus a quality photo paper can contribute to producing fine pictures.

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