How Do I Do That? Using the Insta Lovin' kits

I've had sooo many questions about my Insta Lovin' kits!  Thanks, everyone on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest...& here!! I wanted to do a concise blog post with all of the tutorials & helps right here in this post for all my Newbies *& those that have been on here for a while!*

Remember, this isn't an app. (hoping someday we will get to that point, but for now they are digital kits!)
When you open these kits, (all except the Insta Frames- more on those later.) I offer 3 versions:

1. The TTF font file. (to be used in Phonto on your phone.) HOW TO INSTALL on your computer :: your PC simply unzip & select the font files (.ttf, .otf or .fon) then Right-click > Install
or for your MAC simply unzip & Double-click the font file > "Install font" button at the bottom of the preview.

2. The ABR brush file (to be used in Photoshop or Photoshop Elements. as a digital brush- tutorials on my blog)

3. Black Font PNG files (to be used as clip art in Word programs OR as drag & drop black images in Photoshop or Photoshop Elements.) I explain HERE why I offer the black PNG files in each kit.

Now...Let's look at HOW to use the Insta Lovin' kits with Instagram!
NOTE: Each kit on Rhonna Designs has a 'description' next to the image. Be sure to read this carefully so you know what you are purchasing. 

FIRST: Upload the Insta Lovin' TTF fonts onto your phone to use in the app: Phonto!  For a great tutorial, go to my friend Lindzie's blog to see HOW!

SECOND: Use the fonts to create magic in your Instagram photos! LOOK HERE for a HOW-TO & alittle exploration on opacity, stroke, etc.

The font file, as shown in the description on the Rhonna Designs site, is ONLY the ALL CAPS A-Z. So, in order to use them, you would just type. 'A'
or 'B'....etc. for that particular image. **except the Insta Numbers....They will go from ALL Caps A-Z, then a, b, c, d to finish the numbers out to 31**

For instance.
When you see the fonts that you've loaded onto your phone, they are called 'insta'.... something. (looks like this...& I'm not sure why they are all different)

Choose the desired font & begin to type the CAPITAL letter. Each CAPITAL letter has it's own Insta Lovin' image.

I absolutely LOVE how Heather of WhipperBerry blog shares her love for Instagram. She has an Android, so some of these are a big different than my Top apps on my iPhone...but, read carefully what she says about the Insta Lovin' kits...& check out her lovely creations...she's so fab!, like I mentioned above...

the only kit (so far) in the Insta Lovin' series that is NOT a font is the Insta Lovin' Frames. They are a colored PNG files that are pre-designed frames & are so cute I love them all!
Now, the difference here is:
1. They can't be used in the Phonto app(since they aren't a font), but they CAN still be used on your phone.
2. They come in 2 sizes: High resolution (so you can put your photos in them & print off!) or Web Sized versions...(low rez) & this is what you use on your phone & in Instagram.

So, HOW TO use these frames on your phone?
1. Purchase the app: PhotoForge 2  It is similar to Photoshop in that you can use photos, layers & basically digital scrapbook right on your phone. But, you will need a DropBox account & have it on your phone to add any Rhonna Designs elements in there.
2. Save the Insta Lovin' Frames (web sized PNG files) to your Camera Roll.
3. Go into PhotoForge 2 & upload the Insta Lovin' Frames layers, resize & adjust the way you want.
4. Save to your Camera Roll & upload to Instagram!

So, there ya have many things to do to kick the Creativity process up a notch...just on your phone! I LOVE it!
And...I LOVE the Creative kick that Instagram gives me. My fave is finding NEW peeps to follow & see their amazing photos...truly uplifting & inspiring.
Today, I started something's called:
Hey It's Friday Follow.

And I'm totally excited about it. It's my way of giving a SHOUT OUT to those that inspire me.  So, are you on Instagram? If so, play along! Tell me your user name here...& then Hash tag #heyRhonna to share YOUR photos on Instagram. & then, each Friday I'll be shouting out a fellow IGer!

 Have a fab weekend...we are working on The Daisy...she's coming along. I finished the outside (complete with scallops) & will be sharing the Befores/(Happily Ever) Afters on Monday! holla!


mrich2500 said...

While on vacation I downloaded all your recommended Instagram apps...loving them ;) My instagram id is: martharichardson

Emily said...

Great tutorial! Totally passing this along. And I'll be sure to check out Heather's post since I'm an Android user. ;)

CBH said...

Thank you so much for this post. I want to let you know that I posted a link to your blog in CBH Digital Scrapbooking Freebies (please, notice the new url for my blog), under the Page 3 post on Aug. 04, 2012. Thanks again.

Mary Beth said...

I don't have these yet but they are on my birthday wish! My instagram ID is: cupcakesandcrinoline ~ I just did a #heyRhonna to you.

Have a wonderful weekend! mary beth

Emma Miya said...

my username is emma miya. :)

Trying to decide what to purchase first! Love all of them! Username mrnld89

Tracy Boyle said...

Hi Rhonna! Can we use these fonts on our computers to create digital art to print out? I purchased Insta Chart Art hoping I could create a sign for my daughter's wedding and am having issues....

Laura Atterbury said...

Are the designs that will be with the app be the same ones as here? I don't want to spend double the money. THANKS!

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