Vintage Trailer Refurb: Outside BEFORE & AFTER

Taking the plunge & buying a vintage trailer to refurbish so we can go Glamping is a big thing. huge. I didn't realize how big!
But, we are in the process *enjoying it* & I wanted to share the Before & After pictures of our lil vintage beaut!
**all images: brushes & frames>>> Insta Lovin' Kits by Rhonna Designs**
I have learned a lot about this whole process & am still learning. And have had SO many questions about things...I thought I'd blog the detes here.  

No. 1: Know what you want.  

THIS lil questionaire helped me a lot. So, we prepared & knew just what we wanted.  
We looked on our local classifieds: KSL & we were wowed at how many trailers are put on classifieds. by the hour. seriously. We REALLY wanted a vintage Shasta, (we LOVED Enjoy Cupcakes' cute lil dream boats) but...figured since this is our first lil venture...we should start out small. We knew we didn't want to have to drive very far to pick up our new, we looked, were patient & then found HER!
Only about 15 minutes away from us. She was everything we wanted.
Size: under 14' so we could keep her in our driveway. She's 13'! Perf!
Age: She was vintage enough for us to start with. 1974 
Brand: As noted above, a Shasta would have been fab...but, we got an El Rae. Adorable. Fell in love with the lines, angles...she's got charactah.
Refurbish: We knew we didn't want to restore the whole thing, but wanted to put our own personality into, Refurb was what we picked.  And, boy, are we having FUN! *wink* (we've had to tear out the ceiling & put it back up which has been very interesting! ha!)
Original or not: that wasn't that important to us since we didn't go for the Shasta...but she does have 'good bones' & I love her lil oven, fridge & table.
Main thing: Sleeps 5. We wanted our whole fam to be able to be comfy & cozy. So, again. perfect.
No Bathroom: We didn't want to deal with the plumbing/leaking issues many of them seemed to have. yea!
Cost: We knew we wanted it cheap since we would be glamming her up the way we wanted it. Ok. Ok...the way I wanted it! Jeff is such a sport about this whole thing! LOL...he figures it's both of our worlds coming together. If he can get me out camping more...he's happy! 
Title or Bill of Sale:  Made sure we knew what we were doing. check.
We wanted to make sure that we could fit all of our gear in there, plus sleep & camp comfortably. Yes...she's got plenty for us. Love her!
Specific Requirements:   This lil beaut will also be doubling as a cReative Playhouse for me & my family, friends, & *ahem* even Rhonna Designs. *wink wink* So, I had to make sure it had a sink, table, & room for cReating! can I get a HOLLA!!!????
No. 2: Prepare for glamming.

Ok. Ok...I will admit. This is my fave get the whole vibe together of what I want this lil Playhouse to 'feel' like...a place to glamp. make memories with my family. travel. cReate. 
yup...a mood board was in order. 
So...I gathered lots of inspiration...those of you that follow my Pinterest board knew right when I was doing this. LOL...I'm sorry...I was filling up my board fast. LOVED this part!
Colors:  My whole color vibe is: aqua, yellow, red, black.  With splashes of grey & green on the inside decor. *mood board for that later*

The outside was prepped & ready to go by following THIS Roller painting method!
PAINT: I chose my colors & got Rustoleum Bright White & Safety Yellow at Home Depot. But, my aqua dream was dashed to pieces when the paint dept. told me, 'No...can't tint any oil based paints.'...boohoo.
So, off to Sherwin Williams to make new BFFS with the paint guys! They helped me find a great color that I could tint & be happy with! So...I chose Tantilizing Teal. IS tantalizing! 
TOOLS: The Roller Method worked great for most of it, (foam rollers) but I found that good ol' 2-4" paint brushes were great for getting into the lil spots I needed. I did NOT like the foam brushes that I'd read about...they frustrated me. Good, stiff paint brushes were my best friends in this project...especially around the edges & getting in the lips on the roof.
Look at this! I'm LOVING the bright, sunshiny yellow, glossy crisp clean white and the soft, gorgeous teal! A. Dore. with a capital DORE!
The whole family got into the prep & painting! Love my kiddos...they are good sports!
Then, the last bit to 'make it my own'...was freehanding scallops along the Tantalizing Teal.  This just completed it...I was giddy.  I just took a 1" paint brush (now THIS paint brush was a good quality oil brush I had from my old oil painting days) so I could get a good angle, smooth & lovely lil scallops.
Behold...the Happily Ever 

She's a lil dream boat! I'm loving her! 
Jeff sealed the roof up on top & we needed to replace a couple of the windows...but, other than that...we are good to go on the outside.  She's done! (minus the cute hub cap we still have to get for this side of her.) 
Now.....for the inside!
Oh boy! We spent ALL DAY Saturday ripping her ceiling out....It wasn't pretty.
Let's just say...sparks were flying.....
to be continued....


alicia king said...

i don't know how many times i can say i love it, but i do!! LOVE IT! soo cute!

Nancy Wyatt said...

WOW! What a fun adventure you guys are on with your glamping project!! Love it all! Can't wait to see what you do to the inside! Hugs from Conroe, TX

Amy Lynne said...

Fabulous! It is my dream to own a vintage trailer...and it is so fun to vicariously live the trailer revamping dream! Enjoy!!

Rhon. Holy Cannoli I have never been more jealous of anyone in my whole life. I have been wanting to fab up a silver twinkie trailer for EVER and I am obsessed with your sweet little Daisy! Oh it's so glam I could swoon! You're so lucky to have Jeff be such a good sport about cuteness- I could die over those scallops.

Marci said...

Ever since I discovered *girls on the fly* in Country Living forever ago I have been dreaming, dreaming, dreaming of owning a little glamper all my own. SO excited for you to have one!! Can't wait to see her all done...YAY! Love those scallops...only you.;D xo

Cherie said...

You are living my dream!!! When I first joined pinterest it was because there was so much great inspiration for trailers on it. My husbands not quite on board with my plan yet but I'm working on it :) Enjoy it's so cute!!!

jamie said...

O. MY. goody-NESS...
she is just so stinkin' sweet.
and i get so smiley when i read your review of the adventure.
too CUTE!!! to start my own style know...just incase.
RF...thanks for inspiring yet again.

Karla said...

Indeed so sweet.

Emily said...

Oh my gosh, I LOVE it! It is SO you!!!

patty said...

"adorable daisy"... so cute!
love the color combo & scallops...dying!
wishing you & your fam the best "glamping" ever!

I bought a 1954 Shasta yesterday. (seriously.) Even though I bought it... It is your fault. My husband would like to speak with you. :)

Emma Miya said...

girl!!! that is looking awesome!!!

Allison said...

Love the paint colors you picked! I couldn't imagine redoing a camper, it's so much work! We absolutely love to go camping (but in our modern camper). Can't wait to see what it looks like when it is finished!

Sarah Coday said...

Rhonna, how do you get your font to cut through the banner where you can see the photo through the font? I can't figure it out!

Ideal RV said...

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Cristen Rusch said...

OMG! What a great blog. I too have an old camper and I am working on an exterior paint design now. I was wondering how you free handed those scallops on the trailer. Did you draw them on 1st with a pattern to trace, or just go to town with a brush.? How is your paint job holding up as well? Thanks in advance, for any info you might be able to share with me.