Idea No. 5: 31 Halloween Ideas w/ Rhonna Designs:: Spooky Jars

I'm a sucker for DIY repurposing...& since we can't recycle glass here, I am always saving old bottles & jars. about adding some GLAM to Spook up these little jars/bottles for more ideas on our 31 Halloween Ideas Series?  

Today's idea combines  Idea No. 1 & Idea No. 4....I give you....

Idea No. 5:: Spooky Jars
Super fun & easy DIY Halloween decor! 

1. Spray paint the inside of  jars/bottles with gold spray the sparkle & glam. **and then, you can use these for ANY holiday!**

2. Open an 8x10 NEW document in Photoshop. Select your TYPE "T" tool & with your InstaSpooky dingbat font, type the capital letters you want. Here, I've got the Spooky Label "S", Witch Silhouette "N", Spooky Skelly "J".  Make them as large as you need depending on the jar/bottle you have.

3. Print out on Inkjet Window Decal sheet, cut out & apply them to your jars/bottles.

4. Create a Spooky Paper Bow by following the instructions in the Rhonna Designs Newsletter you just got.  (for this, you'll need the Spooky Printable Papers printed on both sides of paper/cardstock.

5. Adhere the bow for a cute little topper, add flowers, twigs, spiders, candy...whatever you have around!

So...go grab some bottles/jars, add color, Spook & a bow & voila! A fantastic DIY repurposed jar to hold your flowers, leaves, twigs, candy, lollies...get cReative!

Happy weekend...& cReate something!


teacakemake said...

These are so cute. I'm all about spooky stuff, particularly this time of year!

patty said...

love a little halloween spooky glam for decorating!

Lea L. said...

I'm loving all the fun projects your posting using the Spooky collection!! I've just redesigned my blog using it as well...would love for you to check it out!!

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