Saturday, September 8, 2012

Our latest creative travels: glamping!

Summer has come to an end here in the U.S. and we spent the last month of our summer on a creative adventure....fixing up a vintage trailer for our glamping travels.  Glam + camping =glamping. If you've been following me on Instagram, my blog, facebook  and Pinterest, you're familiar with our journey of the Vintage Trailer Refurb! We first named her Daisy...she's a beaut. We painted her aqua, white and bright yellow. And, during the process of collecting retro *accessories*, we found an old can opener with the name....Dazey! We immediately decided that was just how we'd spell the name of our glamper!

Over Labor Day Weekend, we took her out for her Maiden Voyage and had such a marvelous time traveling! But, of with any road trip, there were some mishaps. We lost her aqua hubcap, forgot a few major things for the 'glam' part, but other than that had a lovely time! I learned what my Glamping Essentials are and wanted to share!
Jeff is a camper at heart and so he was in charge of the camping basics. I am a glam girl at heart, so I was in charge of the glam basics.  And of course, glamping is all about the details.

1. Glam up the kitchen.
I found some vintage goodies that made it all so fun. This cute enamel teapot, a retro TV tray and then, mixed it up with the white metal tins from Ikea- filled them with our colorful forks, straws and made a little leaf arrangement! Perfectly lovely!
I scored at the Fleaology Market with that vintage Thermos Cooler! I loved it...we packed goodies for s'mores and such...then, had it sitting in our vignettes for added 'ambiance'. 

2. Glamp up the surroundings!
We camped up a canyon that had trees. LOTS of them. And we added buntings I'd made with fabrics that coordinate with our pillows inside Dazey.  I just cut them out, sewed them together and then hung them in the trees. I had some ruffled strips leftover from my curtains and pillows, so I wrapped them on the tree! So fun! And, I had the matching tin hanging vase from Ikea that we filled with golden leaves, too! 

3. Glamp up with vignettes.
Creating comfortable and glammed up vignettes make it fun to sit and relax.  Although our son thought it was ridiculous that I was decorating our campsite....I found him sitting in our vintage chaise reading! Ahhh...success!

One of my favorite things about this was our LOVE letters! One of my Creative Team Members, Nancy, sent me these vintage plastic letters a while back and I've been waiting to use them on JUST the perfect project! This was it! My daughter covered the "L" with vintage map pages. and the 'E" with vintage book paper. I painted the 'V' with chalkboard paint and meant to write on it, but never got around to you can see in the pictures...the 'V' got lost, so I will have fun writing on it for next time!

I simply tied them around the tree trunk w/ jute twine. It really added to the entire vignette! And...yes, a bunting DOES make everything better. *wink*

So, here's Dazey all glammed up! I think she likey! *wink* I have big plans for my chalkboard door, but haven't had a chance to decorate it yet. I will do that on our next trip in a month! *yup- already have another road trip planned!*

4. Glam up with lights!
A campfire is a must. Glow sticks are a must. And for glamping...stringing lights in the trees is a must. Now, THIS is what I forgot...a long extension cord! aarrghh! So, you'll notice that we strung the lights through the screen door of Dazey! LOL....hey, it worked! And I have to say...even our skeptical son was loving the night glow of the lights in our campsite! sooo magical. so glam!
Love was in the air!
and we had so much fun!  Now....I was totally inspired by the whole retro/vintage vibe of our glamping experience....from the decorating, to our collecting...I just HAD to create a kit for our pictures, decorating and even our props!
So, I whipped up Insta Travels. Yes, this does have a few 'glamping' references, but there are fun things for road trips, air travel and general adventure!
It is just like the other Insta Lovin' kits in that it includes a .TTF font (ding bats), ABR brush files (digital stamps) & black PNG files so you can use as clip art or cut on your Silhouette Cameo.
Can't you just see some of these fun images ironed on tea towels, buntings and pillows? I think I'll even send the PNG file through my Silhouette to cut out some vinyl and adhere it onto Dazey the 'I'd rather be glamping'? or 'Happy Camper'? What do you think?, after all of that ...I hope you are uplifted and inspired to get creative with YOUR travels...whatever it may be, where ever you may go...get creative!
And, you'll be able to create with the Insta Travels kit! 

and continue to create!


Covet Jewels said...

These ideas would be so fun for girl!s camp!! Love it!

Cherie said...

This is amazing! That takes camping to a whole new level and I love it! I was cracking up at what your son said...boys, they just don't get it :)

Emily said...

I love how you "instantly whipped up" those designs. You are amazing!

Ronda said...

just wanted to let you know how much you have inspired me! Because of this post I found a vintage trailer last Oct. and we've been working on it ever since. It's a 1963 jewel. After getting it home I discovered the black stove was actually turquoise underneath and I was so thrilled. It's been a lot of work but we are finally getting to the fun part. I am using lots of your ideas and just wanted to thank you for sharing.

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