Idea No. 31: 31 Halloween Ideas w/ Rhonna Designs: Spooky Typography & a Birthday Celebration!

Aaannnddd here we are...Our last idea for Halloween! I love using the fonts & brushes from Rhonna Designs Spooky kits to make NEW cReations! See? This cute little card was created w/ a bunch of various elements, mixed w/ type & voila! 

Idea No. 31: Spooky Typography!

(above: window decal on vintage silver platter; 'scream' banner created w/ the Mini Banners Brush kit, & the little paper bows are created with the Rhonna Designs Paper Bow Template w/ Spooky Printable Papers! 
and...because it's my Birthday & I LOVE to give gifts to others on my birthday....HERE is a free download so YOU can print off this fun typography piece! **personal use only. Please do not share, pirate, or resell/manipulate.  Thanks!

Now...a word about celebrations!
sit down...this is my gratuitous birthday rant...hee hee.

I am turning 45 today. Mid forties...yes. and,  I love it. I am embracing it. & I think it's FUN & cause for celebration!
In fact, I think every phase of our life is cause for celebration! No matter what our age, circumstances...whatever. The trick is: FIND something to celebrate! I promise it will put a spring in your step.
My mom- the amazing women who labored to bring me into this world...45 years ago my example of this. She's 70 & is one of THE happiest, sassiest, most content & fulfilled women I know. She embraces her phase in life & grows older w/ grace & beauty. I want to be just like her.

I think too much of our society is focused on 'staying young'...looking young, trying to be young- like people are kicking & screaming into the later phases of their lives w/ lotions, cremes, surgery, drinks, foods, you name it...youth is portrayed as 'desirable' & 'growing old' is taboo? and somehow BAD? it's natural.  And there's no getting around it. *obviously is you are still young...enjoy it & feel good about yourself NOW!** 

I'm embracing my body changing. I look in the mirror & I have wrinkles around my eyes, my mouth, my neck, my lips, my forehead.....I have sags in certain places. *ahem* ...but you know what? I love it! I embrace it! All of this just shows that I'm living a happy, fulfilled life as a woman, wife, mother, & friend! I love life! It's cause for celebration.
So...with this free gift I only ask ONE thing today:

Turn around & show some kindness to someone else. 

Can you imagine what amazing things can happen if we ALL do at least ONE act of kindness to someone today? 

JOIN IN & you can use the hashtag:

birthday + 
free gift + 
pay it forward + 
spread the love = 
day of celebration

Let's celebrate by bringing life, light & JOY into someone's life...
& I'd LOVE to hear about it! Comment & let me know...that would be sooo incredible!

So...enjoy your day! LOVE you all! & remember....have fun. be kind. embrace your BEST self! You are loved!


Charlene said...

Rhonna, HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! I hope your day is filled with happiness!! Enjoy your special day!!! Thanks for letting us celebrate with you, and I love the pay it forward!! Hugs!

Stacey said...

thanks so much for the awesome newsletter & blog gifts!

Quinn skyler said...
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Crafty Texan said...

Happiest of birthdays to you!! I know your positivity is a gift to me everyday on instagram. I am so blessed to have found you there. :)

Hester said...

happy birthday! love your christmas line!!!

Hester said...

happy birthday! love your christmas line!!!

kk said...
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Thank you so very much, Rhonna!!! I hope you have a very beautiful day!!!

Missy said...

Happy Birthday to an amazing lady! Thank you for all you do to inspire and uplift :)

jamie said...

Rhonna...simply are one of the most amazing women I know!!! It's true!!!
love your words here.
Your inspiration is catchy!!!
And its already such a fabulous day!!!
Happy birthday, friend!

Sara said...

Happy Birthday Rhonna! What an amazing attitude and perspective you've shared. May your special day be just as beautiful as you are! Thank you so much for sharing the birthday love...great freebies! Off to download! :)

Happy birthday! Your post is so inspiring (as always). Embrace it!

Nancy Wyatt said...

Happy biRthday my fRiend! You aRe amazing and such an inspiRation! I continue to count my blessings that you aRe in my life! Love you fRiend and send many hugs fRom me in ConRoe, Texas!

aww...LOVE YOU ALL!!!! smooches smooches!

patty said...

H*A*P*P*Y birthday!
love . love . LOVE the "paying it forward"...

Lucy Farmer said...

Happy Birthday! I love your attitude! I try to stay positive in every situation. Even when it's as bad as I feel it can get, I know there is a light and good side! Thanks for the uplifting and inspiring words! Can't wait to pay it forward!!

Chrissy said...

Thank you so much for the gifts! And Happy Birthday!! You always uplift and inspire me, so thank you! I love your mantra.

Barbara said...

Happy Birthday to you! You are such a great inspiration, wishing you a fabulous day!

Happy birthday, Rhonna!! You make 45 look good! I needed your post today as I have a birthday coming up soon and need to work on embracing the changes like you do. I hope your birthday is as bright and sparkly as you are!

Leah C said...

Happy Birthday, dear Miss Rhonna!! I have to tell truly ARE an InspIrAtIOn to me!! Your "birthday rant" is absolutely wonderful and so true. Thank you for sharing all your gifts with us:) Cheers to you!

Shay said...

Happiest of birthdays to you! I hope this day is the beginning of an amazing year for you. Thank you so much for all the inspiration and gifts!

Marci said...

Happy Birthday you dear lady. You are one of the women in life who INSPIRE everyone you come in contact with...what a BLESSING for all of us to know you!! Way to go Rhonna's mom for bringing the little bundle of happy into the world and for being such a great example of growing old with grace...we can all benefit from her example via YOU!! I hope your day is FABULOUS!

janis m said...

love your post today. you truly spoke to my heart as it was exactly what I needed to hear. i hope you have a fatnastic birthday and thank you for sharing yourself with all of us. you are a gem.

chrissy said...

Oh how i DO ADORE you miss Rhonna!!! Thank you thank you for your words of wisdom and your words of wonderful halloweenie creativity!
MUAH!!!! Happy birthday dear True!!!

amy said...

happy birthday!!! you are amazing and wonderful and the best oldest sister in the whole white world. Love you forever!


Sandy_in_MD said...

A very Happy Birthday to you, Rhonna! And your attitude towards another year is spot on - every year is another stripe in the fabric we call life. Thank you so much for the awesome Halloween freebie, and I will be finding a way to pay it forward tonight.

Traci said... are so gracious and giving. Thank you for sharing so much of yourself, giving so much of yourself and for always being real! I love your birthday post and I am in total agreement with you. This aging thing is nothing more than a process that we have no control you said, embrace it and go with it. Thank you for continuing to inspire and uplift! And for the record....I did #spreadthelove today! Thank YOU for spreading your love!!

jodii said...

Rhonda thank you for the lovely gifts. I hope you have a very happy birthday

Kim Woods said...

oh darn I missed the "free gift" did you post what it was/looked like?
I hope you had a marvelous birthday and thank you for the reminder to love myself, wrinkles, sags and all ;)

Anonymous said...

Happy belated birthday! Read about your post on instagram, loved the idea, i helped spread kindness and was excited to print out the printable today but it's gone already. :-( any chance you can put it back up for us late birds? Pretty please?
Kimberly C.

Kim & Kimberly...sorry about that...the Spooky Printable is supposed to be up til Halloween, but it went down at the same time the free Insta fun's back up! thx!

kk said...

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Beautiful idea!