Meet Dazey...our vintage trailer!

Well, I'm hooked on glamping in our vintage trailer, Dazey. We had a little adventure in Southern Utah & found ourselves in a HUGE flood storm during our Fall Break...But, guess what? Dazey kept us nice & warm & dry. In fact...during the HUGE storm, we cozied up & popped Jiffy Pop popcorn on the stove, played games by the light of the chandelier & LOVED every moment!  But..I realized that I showed you some fun pix from our glamping adventure HERE...but haven't posted any pix of the inside yet!
Our vintage trailer, the Dazey, has been so fun! Now...Let me tell you...this vintage trailer refub is an on-going adventure. We are learning as we go & we are finding out what works & doesn't work! To keep us from going crazy...we chanted our mantra, 'It's just a trailer'...whenever we were tempted to go all 'perfectionist'. LOL! So...while it's not perfect, it's a trailer. A cute, cozy vintage trailer w/ a lot of character.  Here she is....
Dazey is a 1974 15ft. Rancho El Rae Trailer.  When you walk the right is the long sofa that pulls out to be a bed that sleeps 2.  We had custom slipcovers made HERE & covered the cushions w/ red & white ticking. I love it!
And I'm a decorative pillow fanatic, so I made sure I've got plenty on there to add comfy, cozy, colorful FUN!
That top part above the sofa bed pulls down to reveal a bunk bed that sleeps 2.  We put a futon up there that easily folds in w/ the bunk. PERFECT! 
I love the little shelf here that becomes a reading nook. That cute little frame displays a cReative quote, (created w/ Rhonna Designs, of course) the alarm clock is from Ikea & the little vintage globe is one of my fave 'accessories! And, don't you LOVE that green daisy tin tray? So retro. So fun. Found this at  Fleology & my dear friend, Anna, bought it for a 'trailer warming' gift...then, she was thrifting & found MORE...for .75! Needless to say..I'm stocked w/ these cute trays!
So, right when you walk in, you look straight at the Kitchen nook. Dazey has a little sink, stove, oven & fridge. I love it!  The vintage accessories are too much fun! The fan, ruler & 'Coca-Cola' bottle opener are all from our old Minnesota home. **Full story is on my Instagram Feed...why we named her Dazey...I'll have to share it here sometime!**
The collander was a gift from my sweet sister, Amy...& I found the vintage picnic basket online.  I love the little pom-pom garland I made w/ the tiny bits of scrap fabric from the pillows & curtains.  **when you are decorating a trailer, you gotta think of things that will be hanging & how they will 'travel'...this is perfect!  The fridge is on that same wall & then the back has a little storage/potty closet w/ that mirror. It's a great little space to store things, hang clothes, towels, & even put the porta-potty in there IF we far...we haven't wanted. *wink*
One of my fave things is the fridge. What a lifesaver! And, I wanted to put a chalkboard finish on it, so I used the chalkboard contact paper. word: it's difficult to chalk. It was GREAT putting right over the enamel appliance, but the surface has no my 6 Chalkboards Tips talked about...I resorted to the Liquid Chalk Pens...perfect! The quote:
'A traveler without observation is a bird without wings.' 
Off to the left of the trailer is the dinette.  It's so cute now...I just love it! **Note: That cute little 'The Dazey' decal is one of the inkjet window decals I just printed off. & below you can see the 'Dazey' decal on the mirror. I love it!**
So, this table flips down to make a bed that sleeps one. 5. Perfect for our family.
I am in LOVE with this vintage tablecloth I got at Fleology & the cute teapot & melmac dishware came in the vintage picnic perfect for Dazey!

Now...the chandelier was a MUST for me, but we had to try to figure out HOW we could hang one, have it work AND have it travel...
so: Jeff -my hero- rigged it so it just wires right on the original light fixture & we can bend the wires down to take it off whilst traveling.  Put it up when we are *glamping* & I'm a happy camper! *grin*
Closer look at JUST the chandy! Not too shabby, huh? I think he did a great job! I got this chandy from Ikea a few years ago & sadly, they don't make them's so fab for Dazey!
I a.DORE these vintage letters my sweet friend & cReative Team member, Nancy, sent me a while back.  LOVE letters are perfect for Dazey.  I've got them in the window here, but when we take them w/'s so fun to hang them in the trees as shown on THIS *glamping* trip!

And, with *glamping*'s all about the details, right?
I'm not a seamstress, so I used my NO-SEW Ruffle technique shown HERE to create my curtains & pillows! 
I just took the hot-glued ruffles & added them to the bottom of the curtains & then glued them onto the easy. So fast. So fab. I also did a little DIY w/ this cute yarn wreath. I wanted a bright, simply & cute wreath to hang on the wall or take down & hang in trees, our chalkboard door or wherever I find that inspires me whilst *glamping*! 
I simply wrapped a styrofoam wreath w/ the yellow yard, then the turquoise yarn.  Topped it off w/ a huge bow created from the same polka dot fabric used in my No-sew Buntings & the polka dot edge shown above.  LOVE the stripes, chevron, floral, ticking & polka dots all mixed & matched in the pillows, curtains, bunting & slipcovers...eclectic. and fun.

The No-Sew Buntings are created w/ Fabric Glue & bias tape. Super easy. Love hanging these inside Dazey, but then out in the trees on our adventures!
Now...a word about our flooring. The BEFORE wasn't that bad..I actually liked the tile, but it had a huge rust stain on it & I knew I could just put in the super cheap self-adhesive tile pretty easily.
It's not a perfect tile job...But, I think it turned out pretty good...after all...'It's just a trailer."
So...that's Dazey's inside...ain't she purdy? I just love her. And now...I am actually excited to go camping w the glam! *glamping all the way, baby!*

So...I'll have a Before /After share on Wednesday...tomorrow is our last Creative Team Tuesday before Halloween & we've got some fun things cooked up!
So now...go! cReate something today!


Oh my gosh! This is the cutest glamper EVER! I want to move in. Immediately. Have fun on all your travels in her!

Michelle*GB said...

Seriously fabulous renovation! Love how bright and fun everything is! Gorgeous!

Nancy Wyatt said...

This is the best thing EVAH!!! Love, love, LOVE it! Hmmm. Do I need to call ahead to book it when I visit UT? LOL You amaze me and Jeff amazes me to do all he does to support you in your amazing fun adventures! Kudos to he and the kids too! Hugs from Conroe, TX

P.S. I am giddy that the letters get to go glamping with you and that they warm your heart :)

Crafty Texan said...

SO SO Adorable!! I love all the details you squeezed in there!

Missy said...

It IS perfect. Love the details...after years of tent camping in Colorado, Utah, & Wyoming with my boyscouts (now Eagles) - I would love a trip in Dazey :)

Arlene said...

It is just SO happy! I smile just looking at pics, it must be the best to go glamping in it!! I think we need to sell our boat & get one! Love all the details & joy it has. You should come to Houston in it! :)

jamie said...

oh my have created more than just a trailer...what a lov-erly emblem of your love and creativity. you must be in glam-heaven. your touches are amazing and inspiring. love so much you shared with all of it so much!!!

alicia king said...

i've been waiting for this post! i love every little detail you put into it!

Rhonna I love it!! Now to talk my hubby into getting one and letting me Glamp it out!! LOL!!!

Candi said...

This is so amazing. I have no words. Total awesomeness.

Becky said...

Gasp! That is the cutest, happiest, most colorful trailer interior I have ever seen!!!! Love it! :D

Oh my freaking gorgeous!!! I want to camp with YOU! Where'd you get this trailer? It looks just like the one my ex and I used to own together. lol

bren yule said...

Loving this and so excited about my own tin cantina renovation! Thanks for sharing! We have the same chip in our brains!

Simeachen said...

Rhonna - it is so fun. so sweet. so cute. so colorful. so happy.
I love it. I want one. BADLY! Thanks for sharing!

Covet Jewels said...

Cuteness overload!! Love all your pillows and all the little details!

Leah C said...

Absolutely adorable!! Love every single detail:) I've never been camping {glamping} in my life, but now I want a trailer like Dazey!!

Sara said...

You have out-done yourself. These photos are such eye candy. Nice job, and enjoy that sweet Dazey!

OMG! That is A.D.O.R.A.B.L.E!!! I have been working on my vintage trailer that I bought in August too. It's a 1967 Scotsman and my decorating is suprisingly similar to yours! LOL! Great minds think alike I guess!


AllisonK said...

Darling Rhonna!!! You are amazing! Truly, truly inspiring!

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More than well done, love her! Pinned and newest follower, hope to see you visit and follow too! I will return thanks

WOW You are a great decorator too! I just want my kitchen to look like that now... there is the fridge you talked about. AMAZING!

love love love this!!! Where id you get that chandelier?? I have been looking for on JUST LIKE THAT!

I really dig the color scheme. Very bright. I'm a super big vintage trailer fan. I especially like the 70s models as they have more spacious floor plans!

We just bought a 71 Rancho El Rae that we are going to fix up! I love yours! If you have ANY tips/tricks or help that would be great! We know we need to repair and replace the interior roof. Did you have any major repairs? I'd love any thoughts!

Geralyn said...

I am just starting on glamping my new trailer and you inspired me to just GO FOR IT and make it happy. Thank you. G

Greg Ward said...

I think that’s a really cute color scheme. Dazey looks really whimsical and fun. Your choice of colors just made the whole trailer pop out. I think it's really a sight to behold. Kudos! :)
Greg Ward

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laura D said...

Simply the sweetest thing ever..!!!

Love everything about Dazy Rhonna!! Where did you find that chandelier???!! What is it called so I can search for one ;)

What colors and brand are the Teal walls? I am sooooo In love with it! hope to hear from you!

Stacy Schwab said...

You have one beautiful trailer. The colors and the details are amazing. I'd love for you to take a look at the renovations we've done on our '81 Sunline. You can read all about it here: