Vintage Trailer Refurb--->The Dazey: Before & After

Everyone loves a good Before & After & believe me....our vintage trailer refurb of The Dazey will make you's a totally different trailer!  For the outside...check out my blog post HERE.

Now, when I took the Before pictures, I wasn't even thinking we'd buy this trailer. So my objective was simply to remind myself what this trailer looked like...& some of my concerns.  But, the next thing I know we were driving away w/ her & I was knee deep in the refurb project...not even thinking about anymore Before pictures!

 The dinette needed help.  The whole thing was a bit broken, so Jeff ripped off the bottom & rebuilt the has to fit perfectly since it folds right into the bed.  We left the original formica top, but ripped off the cracking green trim & put aluminum on it instead. Looks so cute.  *but I do love this cute retro tablecloth on it, too!**

OK>>>here's a bunch of my 'concerns' when I was taking pix...oy vey!
1. Before: the dark, dark wood! 
2. Before:the roof had a bit of water damage & it was obvious we'd need to replace it.
3.  Before:The inside of the fridge was in pretty good condish. 
4. Before:Some of the dark wood was trashed...It's a trailer! 
 5. Before:Gross mattress & 'bunk bed' rail needed to come down. NOT cute to me! & that green padded board? I immediately saw it polkadot! 
6. Before:See the floor? cleaned up it could have been cute, but that rust stain would NOT come whole vision was about the checkerboard flooring.
 7. Before:The inside of the closet was the dark wood...I knew it would be so much cuter turquoise! 
8. Before:I ripped out the old stuff in the cabinets & lined it w/ black & white checkered contact paper...the drawers, too. So cute!

9. Before:The closet. 
10. After:
See the polka dots? Turquoise? It was all in my vision!

 11. Before: the Dinette was just dark & depressing to me...
12. After: bright & cheery w/ a coate of white paint on top, new curtains to let the light diffuse into the trailer, new ticking slipcovers & turquoise walls!
 13. Before: kitchen area.  That back splash formica was horrible. And so were all of the hangers! See the green edging on the counter?  

14. After: replaced w/ aluminum strips, painted turquoise, white laminate on the back splash...yea. MUCH bette!
 15. Before: Note the dark wood, fridge & floor? 
16: After: painted turquoise wood, chalkboard contact paper & liquid chalk along w/ the black & white vinyl tile flooring. 
 17. Before: Stove area. I left the green stove...I incorporated it in my curtains & pillows. Plus: it was in really good condition.  The fridge had some scratches on it, so 
18: After: it was easy to just apply the chalkboard contact paper & have fun with it! 
 19. Before: Gross slipcovers, dark wood & dark floral curtains. *our daughter actually liked the floral curtains...but, it reminded me of too many 90's bridesmaid dresses! LOL! 

20: After: New red & white ticking slipcovers, painted turquoise wood & white curtains that let diffused light in w/ cute ruffles. I love these perfect for Dazey! and...accessories: pillows, buntings, globe, clocks, pictures.
 21. Before: Again. more dark wood, floral curtains & the light. * original & I like it, actually, but wanted to add some *bling* 

22. After: ainted white wood, white & ruffled curtains aaaand...the delightful 'removable' chandelier Jeff rigged up for me...THAT gives me my *bling* I was looking for! 
So, there you have it! Dazey's makeover! Lovely, isn't she? Thanks for visiting and remember to...


semforever said...

just one word: great :D

jamie said...

oh my...
so much work...
so much reward...
she's a beaut!

Nancy Wyatt said...

Great job friend!!

Morag Cutts said...

That has to be e most swanky trailer ever! Wtg! It seems so you! Tfs x

patty said...

dazey is deluxe!

Tanner Manor said...

I would love to know what a good price on a camper would be...I would love to emulate this!!

Emma Miya said...

girl, I want to live in that! that is so beautiful, so cool, so you! i love it!!!!

Julie GM said...

The days got away from me & FINALLY I was able to see The Dazey! OMG! I'm in love w/you, her & the decor!! Can you please just take a quick visit to my home for some sprucing up?! Love love love it!!! Fabulous job!

Love finding blogs where others have gone over the deep end like I have - lol! Just finishing up the "Pink Paradise". It's been so much fun. Love your creativity! I think going with bright colors in these dark campers is the way to go :)

Lynettedlt said...

Love everything! Where did you bind the aluminum for the countertops?

Lynettedlt said...


Stefani said...

I'm taking on a similar project. Did you just paint the existing hardware on the cabinets? And also where did you find cute contact paper? Everything I find is quite hideous. Thanks!!

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