Insta Fonts for Instagram FX: cheat sheets

I have been LOVING the amazing response we've been getting for the Insta Fonts...the Instagram Class I'm doing TONIGHT & the Studio 5 segment have really opened doors to what we can DO w/ our Instagram photos! 

THANK YOU! And as a little gift to all of the viewers from Studio 5- How about $2.00 off any of the *individual* Insta Fonts 
Just put any of the individual Insta Fonts into your Shopping Cart, then enter:


in the "Apply Discount Code" box to receive your Insta Fonts for $2.00 off.  Offer good until Thursday the 22nd! *happy thanksgiving*

So, with all of the talk about how to fancy up your photos on your phone & HOW to take the creativity up a notch...we've had a lot of new Insta friends asking about 'cheat sheets' for the Insta Fonts.

As I explain in THIS tutorial, Phonto is the app you use to TYPE in the letter to get the fun Insta dingbat designs in there...BUT...they are so small & if you aren't familiar w/ the can get frustrating.
So...I'm posting the cheat sheets here for the existing 15 Insta Fonts we have in the store! And from here on out...each of the NEW Insta Fonts *yup, you heard me right...NEW ones coming soon** will be included IN the download kit! 
Each of these Insta Fonts are designed to be the CAPITAL letter of the alphabet. So, each kit/font comes w/ 26 designs EXCEPT the Insta Numbers since I wanted a whole set 1-31! So, you will note: there's a,b,c,d,e in there.


jamie said...

Wow Rhonna...that is amazing. This will be so helpful! There is so much excitement going on right now with IG and kickin'it up creative style. Between you and Motography going on right now people are learning so many new things. You have inspired again.
Now off to find that studio5 vid.

Kim Woods said...

I'm getting more and more brave with my Insta creations! Thanks for the cheat sheets :) You did a great job on the segment too, so glad I got to see you live!

Thank you for the cheat sheets for those of us who are visionally challenged this is AWESOME!!

YOU ARE AMAZING!!! I love looking at your instagrams and hopefully I'll figure out how to jazz mine up now, thanks to you. You are a creative light! Thank you! Have a supah weekend! XO

Sheila said...

Thanks Rhonna for the keys to the Instas. That is very helpful. Still looking forward to a possible online class with you and Instas!

Anonymous said...

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