Wednesday, December 19, 2012

12 Days of Christmas: Day 6---SecRet elf THANK YOU!

I love the secret acts of service that goes on during the Christmas Season. This year, we've been so blessed to have a Secret Lil' Elf leaving gifts on us each night before Christmas.  
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I take NO CREDIT for any of's our amazing Secret Lil' Elf who is doing this for us!  I believe our Secret Lil' Elf would agree that it's all about uplifting & inspiring at this time of year...because they are doing it for us! so...thought I'd share a bit more info on this secret service project!

On Dec. 13, we got this stocking on our door w/ a note that explained it all. It instructed us to leave the stocking on the door each night so our Secret Lil' Elf could fill it w/ special treats!

Each night, a gift from the heart has been in this stocking...they kids get excited to check it out each morning! It's adding a fun & festive feel to our holiday season----> Each gift is so creative. Each poem is so funny! & Each wrapping job is jaw-dropping-ly amazing!

most importantly...
we FEEL loved.

THIS is what Christmas is about...the Christmas Spirit . We FEEL it through these sweet acts of service from someone we know...someone preparing little gifts, poems & wrapping them up so beautifully it's hard to open! In this busy time of year, they are thinking of someone else besides themselves. They are giving their hearts & love to us!

THIS is what has touched me the most. 

IF we find out who it is, I'll shout it out...but, I have a feeling they want to be filled w/ the Christmas Spirit & remain anonymous, cuz they deliver it around midnight-ish! I don't think they want to be caught! *wink*

I will share more as the 12th Day of Christmas wraps up...but, sweet Secret Lil' Elf ...let it be known...
we are so thankful for your Christmas Spirit...& giving the gifts from your heart. It helps us think of the REAL reason for the Season...Jesus Christ- who gave of his heart & love to US! 
Thank you...from the bottom of my heart!


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