cReative Team Tuesday...Christmas all wrapped up in bows!

One of my favorite things about Christmas is the packaging. 
Presentation is *everything* and this year I'm loving BOWS!  

My cReative Team members are right up my alley, too! Remember the Rhonna Designs FREE Paper Bow Template? Well, Amy takes the template & makes a  MEGA paper bow! I'm loving it! It's making a HUGE appearance in everything from gift packaging to decorating, to gifts in my home, too!
She says she printed it at 200% onto vintage music paper & voila! LOOK at how cool this is! On wreaths, 

& on her HUGE birdcage, too!  Love it sooo much! **see the white poofs at the bottom of the cage? This is the coffee filter wreath we's HUGE & it fits in her bird give you the idea of it's HUGEness!**

I used the MEGA bow to create this gift wrap for the Smash Ball I went to on was a big hit & I ended up making a few more for people at my table! LOL!
I mean...who doesn't LOVE a Mega Bow?

And...I LOVE what Jamie did with her junque bow on her lovely mannequin! Gorgeous!

Jamie says:
I dressed up my Lady Eve for the holidays with a junque bow that shows off ChrismasJunque. The collage pattern was printed on dictionary paper and used as paper bows. And the MusicTagPiece from the ChristmasJunquePieces was printed on vellum and used in place of a cameo. She is so purdy!  I think a person could dress up anything thing in their everyday decor with a junque bow and hybrid printables from your collections. 

Isn't this just TOTALLY uplifting & inspiring? I'm loving the bows to package up just about *anything*...
Hope your holidays are filled with all sorts of things to uplift & inspire...
enjoy your pRocess!