cReative Team Tuesday: Valentines

I've LOVED seeing what my cReative team has been doing w/ The Kiss Collection! And many of you on Instagram have been killing it, too! Keep sharing your cReations w/ me!
Today, Nancy Wyatt will knock your socks off! I LOVE her cReativity & love how she created these printable gift bags & Valentines!
She says: 
I decorated a gift bag with the KISS printable papers and decorated the pipe cleaner with an edge piece.  Then I printed out some of the KISS edges onto 3m matte label sticker paper and created my own washi tapes to decorate the card. 
I mean...really? Isn't this THE cutest gift ever? I'm just SMITTEN! *wink* Love her paper bow, love the 'a' on the paper...oh my...I just LOVE it all, Nancy! Sooo cute! You've got one lucky friend who will be receiving this from you! 

Now...another bit about many Instagram peeps have been asking about HOW to use the Rhonna Designs Insta fonts in their photos...Nancy is my queen of tutorials...she's got the most amazing attitude about 'sharing is caring'! *wink* She's got a section on her blog for Instagram FUN & also a Vimeo channel where she shares free tutorials on HOW to use Rhonna Designs in your cReations. Isn't she fab???? Love it! 
I've been under the weather, but feeling a bit better & can't WAIT to cReate!
so...feeling uplifted & inspired? GREAT...let's GO & cReate!
Happy Tuesday....


That girl has mad talents and she IS fabulous with the sharing and caring!

very fantastic Valentines-- LOVE these!

Sheila said...

Love the sticker paper idea for washi! Cute!

Nancy Wyatt said...

Thank you ladies!!

And Sheila, I left a link on my blog for the sticker paper I used. The feel of it truly gives it the washi tape feel because it's not glossy. Love it and I know you would too!

jamie said... great. i have been trying to get here all week to give this project a proper looking over. i adore that card!!! and the black and white of the bag. truly fun and was inspirational. thanks again, Nancy, for uplifting and inspiring.

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