Happy New Year! One Little Word & One Little Goal

twenty. thirteen. In an instant!

it's here. & I'm ready for it! I look forward to what this year has in store for me...but, I also recognize that I have to do a LOT of work in order to make it the year I want it to be! I have a sweet friend, Ali, who introduced the concept of choosing One Little Word -many years ago!.... and I do it every year. Last year my word was 'savor'....& it was just what I needed! After being so sick & feeling like my life was just me going through survival mode...going through the motions...I realized I needed to savor every little good, bad & ugly bits of my life...it's my life after all.  

Well, as I look back at 2012, I see that I DID savor. I savored every bit...& as a result, the word grew in my heart & life until I'm actually feeling a bit better. I feel hope & I can feel a regeneration of my body, heart, soul & mind!

So....this year's word is: STRONG!
This past weekend, I had a cReative retreat w/ some dear dear friends. We laughed, cried, created & shared...& I came home feeling so ready to take on twenty.thirteen.  We made leather cuffs w/ our words on them.  I  made 2 in fact (this one (neutral, raw leather & another one: white pearl shimmer) ....both with STRONG stamped into them! I'm seriously loving this. wearing it every day to remind me I need to be STRONG in everything I do.

My approach to New Year's Resolutions has evolved.  I've had years where I just feel overwhelmed w/ that word: resolution...& I don't even feel like I can do it for fear of failure. But...I've found something that works!  .
...an approach to my One Little Word that takes it even a bit further w/ 
One Little Goal. & it makes me happy!

You see, w/ my One Little Word in mind....I take it day by day. I figure...I can DO that! *wink*
I look at my 'to-do' list that I have...because we always have one- every day, right? 
I choose ONE thing that I"m going to do anyway & I focus on my approach to that task or experience w/ my One Little Word...this year: STRONG.

For instance, I know I will need to fix a meal for my family, or do carpool, or have a conversation w/ a family member or friend, or go to the grocery store, or reply to emails, or design, or work out...you get the jist, right?
If I take ONE task & do it with strength...I will get stronger everyday. 
I started this last year...& decided that even if I was in pain, in bed or whatever..i STILL had to do certain things..so I chose ONE thing I was doing already & savored it!

It works.
I saw it.
I felt it.
I loved it!

so....this year...I will be doing that, too! My One Little Word will go hand in hand w/ my One Little Goal.

and....I'm excited to share some NEW Insta fonts this week...they go hand in hand w/ goals & will enhance your photos!


alicia king said...

happy new year! mine is cReaTe. it is TIME! no more moving!

Arlene said...

You are so great! Love this concept! Happy 2013!!!! (be still my heart...new fonts!!!) Eeek!!!!

Emily said...

Love this! Funny thing--I also did the one word thing this year and my word is SAVOR. We were meant to be friends!

jamie said...

love this.
love your energy.
love your insight.
love your beauty.
love it all.
so embracing.
thank you Rhonna for ALL you do!
you inspire and lift up all. the. time.
my word: brave...yikes...because this girls has 'gots' stuff to get done this year and she needs to get brave about it.
here we go!!!

Nancy Wyatt said...

You are so awesome!! Always full of wisdom and inspiration!! Thanks for sharing it with us! This year for me it's about TIME! It found me today as I was out having some alone TIME. Love you!

patty said...

loving this post! tfs!
my OLW is "change"...
one step at a time for one change at a time!
here is to great things in twenty13!

Girl! I LOVE this post! Thanks for sharing this - being in the blogosphere, I have seen One Little Word popping up more and more in the last two years, but THIS post really made it hit home for me. You continue to inspire in so many ways! I'm in!

Love this! I joined olw for the first time and am so excited!!! Actually after seeing the pics on Instagram from you girls smashing weekends I was so inspired. My word is FINISH and I am actually going to be doing it in a smashbook instead. Can't wait to follow you on this too!

Jenny said...

I love this idea so much!! This has totally inspired me - thank you thank you! Happy STRONG NewYear to you :)

caroline said...

happy 2013
can i unsubsrcibe please ?

absolutely gorgeous gorgeous fantastic pics and post-- thanks for Always inspiring!!!
I look forward to using more Instas in 2013!

Rhonna, Happy New Year!

I am so happy to hear you are finding your strength again. may 2013 deliver you to a new place in your body, mind and soul.

I love Ali's concept of one little word, like our own personal "theme" for the year. I am still flushing mine out...waiting for it to materialize for me...trying to not force it into being.

I can't wait to see all you do this year...even if it's finding more time for you to become more you.

Aedriel said...

Love this, Rhonna! Thank you for sharing your heart and creativity with the world. It's better because of it. You are strong! :)