Thursday, March 21, 2013

Rhonna's Chalkboard Cheer Spring Art Workshop Online

It's LIVE!

I'm sooo excited about this! My NEW Chalk aRt Workshop is up on my site! HERE is the Chalkboard Workshop video WITH the Spring Art bundle.

Here's the description of this Video Workshop !! NO BRUSH FILES (.ABR) ARE INCLUDED IN THIS BUNDLE !
This includes instructions and the password to access Rhonna's ONLINE Chalkboard Cheer Spring Art Workshop!!
An internet connection will be needed to view the workshop on We are working on integrating the Workshops onto our site. Until then, they can be accessed & viewed with the password given in the Welcome page & the Vimeo email.
Also includes all 10 of her unique handlettered chalkboard Cheer Spring aRt!
Kit Description:   10 8x10 300 DPI JPG files of each chalkboard art design by Rhonna.
Print out at 100% on white card stock or matte photo paper and frame OR get creative & print out smaller for cute chalkboard Spring projects, cards or stickers!
**NOTE: These are the SAME designs offered in the online Chalkboard Cheer Art Workshop!

You can also purchase the actual Spring Art Printables (all 10 designs in JPG printables)

AND as a Spring Art Digital Brush kit. (all 10 designs in .ABR brush format w/ a BONUS blank chalkboard background.)
So much fun, I can't even stand's hoping to an uplifting and inspiring journey into your Chalkboard art world!


Jill said...

Just wondering if this class teaches how to do the chalk art on the computer or an actual chalkboard?

Angelina- JoJo & Eloise said...

I actually have the same question as Jill.. :)
Love all your beautiful work!

arlene.haymond said...

Rhonna! I have been practice, practice, practicing my loosie-goosie wrist and having so much fun! I ran out of chalk already, but have an order on the way! Thanks so much! You are an AWESOME teacher! I missed chalkboards so much in my classroom when schools went to whiteboards, and it is just so fun to do fun stuff on it again!

arlene.haymond said...
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Rhonna Farrer said...

Jill & Angelina- I teach actual chalk art. My tips, tricks, tools, techniques & then you just practice, practice, practice as Arlene said...great fun!

Rhonna Farrer said...

ARlene...this makes me giddy! sooo excited...& I can't wait to see!!!!

april said...

In my downloads there is no tips and techniques sheet. Just the four elements and the sheet with the video link. Am I missing something?

Rhonna Farrer said...

April...a little glitche...yes, it's supposed to be in there...but, it isn't! OY VEY! us & I'll send it to you!

Persnickety Prints said...

Soooo excited for this!!!

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