Tuesday, January 7, 2014

New Year. New Inspiration: One Little Word, One Little Goal 2014

Happy New Year! Many of you have heard me talk about my One Little Word. I've done this for a while now....ever since Ali Edwards started her movement. I fell in love w/ the idea of just choosing one word instead of overwhelming myself w/ tons of New Year's Resolutions. And...then, it evolved into my One Little Goal, as well. You can read all about that HERE.
Last year was Strong & I had NO idea how strong I'd need to be. It proved to be one of THE most rewarding, yet difficult, years! And, this year my word found me: Simplify.
I've catered to that Over-The-Top-Beast ( #OTTbeast)  for far too long. I tend to over-do things. And this year, it's time to Simplify. I've been feeling it for a while, but wasn't quite sure HOW to do it. So, this year my journey will be learning to simplify! my word. my goal. I can do this one step at a time.

I LOVE this quote by DaVinci! perfectly perfect, don't you think?

So...here's to a New Year.  A New Word. A New Goal. &  a New ME!

Aaaannnddd.....with this whole movement in mind, I created Insta Word & Insta Word2 kits! 
I'm in LOVE with these....and, you don't HAVE to use them just for a one little word project...LOOK! I created word art w/ 2 of the words & added some of the NEW colorful stickers coming in the next Rhonna Designs App update! woohooo!
Also, check out the 2 other Insta Fonts on my site: Insta Adore & Insta Sports...just in time for Valentine's Day & the Olympics! ;)
Happy cReating!


Arlene said...

Yay!! So pretty, That was my OLW 7 years ago and I still have it all over at home and work. You're the best!

Emily said...

This is a constant word in my head. Maybe someday I will actually listen!

Mc Milan said...

Wow! Rhonna those are powerful words! I will write it down..
BTW may I know what font you used on the word SIMPLICITY? Sorry, I just have a project for real estate in Philippines and I think I can also use that kind of font on my housing projects. Thanks!

scrapsandsnaps said...

My word for 2014 is also simplify! Can't wait to see what you come up with.

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