100 cReativity exeRcises

I've blogged about my 100 cReativity exeRcises before, & even shared about the feature a couple of years ago in Digital Somerset issue, but Stampington/Somerset just came out w/ a NEW publication: Digital Inspiration. I'm featured again in this w/ the same article & it still uplifts and inspires me!
Here's an exerpt that I Instagrammed from the magazine: 

"People ask me all the time if I ever get into a creative rut. The answer is 'NO!', because I work my creative muscle every day through my 100 creativity exercises. When I earned my degree in art education, I had a professor who challenged us to hone in on what makes us creative, record these things, & make a list of what will creatively inspire us. I've kept a list for over 15 years & I ended up creating an online workshop that has 100 of my tried-and-true creativity exercises. It's become a habit for me to pull one of my exercises out of my jar every day, which is how I begin any of my creative projects. It really works. I am never in creative ruts...in fact, I've got so many ideas swimming in my brain, it's hard to slow them down!" 

I think the thing that I LOVE about these exercises is that they really work when you use them consistently! I have this jar that I pull a strip of paper (in the kit, you print it out & cut them up so you can put them in any kind of container to house your exercises) & I get to DO something creative every day! I put the one I used in another bowl & just rotate the exercises until I'm done. Then, start again. You might think: 

"Wait. You mean to tell me that after doing these same 100 exercises for years you never get bored?"  

The truth? NOPE! That's the fun part. Even though I've done these exercises before, I get creative in how I do them again! 

For instance: #86 of my exercises is: 
'Write a mission statement. a mantra. live by it.'

Since I've been doing this for many years, I've been able to hone in on what my mission statement truly is. I've gone from 'Enjoy the Process' 
'Follow My Heart'
 'Savor Every Moment'
 **to name a few** 

& my most recent mission statement is:
"Live With An Abundance Mindset'

Do you see how over the years & over the evolution of the same exercises I'm able to tailor, get creative & really LIVE my mantra? It's been amazing to see how each of these exercises have evolved ME, as an artist/creator, & my creativity! 
But...they won't work unless you DO them & exercise your creative muscle consistently....just like our physical muscle. That's why it's so important to do these exercises every. day!

I truly attribute my ideas & creativity to this habit I've formed. I'm forever grateful for a college professor that really taught me this! and, of course, for God whom I believe blesses us with ALL our creative ideas. They are His & He gives them to us...it's up to US what we do with them!
What will YOU do with your creativity? I hope you'll exercise it! *grin*


Woot Woot for you!! I bought this from you and LOVE it!! It makes you stop, think, breathe then you go girl!!!

Love all your inspiration!


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