Saturday, July 5, 2014

Welcome Summer....

Well, if you haven't figured out yet....clearly, my new blog has become instagram! Instablogging is really more my vibe these days, since I LITERALLY do everything on my phone! and now, with summer...well....I'm afraid you'll need to follow me on Instagram to see what I'm up to!

 Did you SEE THIS? yup! 1 Year birthday of Rhonna Designs App! woohooo! And, if you've on Instagram, you can grab the FREE backgrounds I'm giving away! Like this one, this one...& watch for more!

And...THIS> yup...we had THE most amazing family vacation to celebrate a BUNCH of life changes, goals reached & years of hard was so amazing!

I've been teasing for  a while about a "secret project' I've been working on...and, I've got to say: I"M GIDDY about it! On Instagram, just check out my hashtag: #rdsecretproject to see what I've got going...can you guess?

Ok...for now...ciao! Let's keep on #upliftingandinspiring in the Rhonna Designs community!


zunaira mehar said...
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Hire Android Developers said...

Thanks for writing, I very much liked your newest post. I think you should post more frequently, you evidently have natural ability for blogging!

Smelling Coffee said...

Hi. I L.O.V.E. your app - and tell people about it all of the time!

I'm having a problem and couldn't make my email validated in your contact us page, so I'm resorting to commenting here. ;-)

I'm trying to use the app right now (Tuesday evening, July 28, 6 pm CST) and the photos or backgrounds won't upload. Instead it sticks and won't even let the app shut down. I thought it was a problem with my phone, so I deleted the app and reloaded. When that didn't work, I tried it on my iPad, and it's doing the same thing.

Please help! Thanks!!!