creativity workshop

These 100 Creativity Exercises are tried & true me. 15+ years in the making & something I use every single day as a creative person.

I have used them faithfully for the past 8 years, but have been fine tuning these ever since I got my degree in Art Education *uh*hum* many years ago. I had a professor who challenged us to hone in on what makes us creative, record these things & make a list of what will creatively inspire us. This is what resulted in my online workshop!
We all know...
Creative ruts happen. As a designer, I just couldn't afford it. So,I've made these exercises a habit & I use these exercises. every day. 

It's part of my daily routine. And guess what?
It helps me so much. I have ideas coming out of my head faster than I can execute them. I'm overflowing & I haven't been in a rut for a long time! (knock on wood)

I had so many people asking me HOW do you stay creative? I can only cut & paste this info so much...LOL. So, I decided to share my exercises with anyone that
needs them. And it's perfect for anyone.  
No matter what your creative pursuit is: writer, photographer, blogger, designer, musician, mixed media artist, seamstress, painter, chef/foodie; these exercises TRAIN your BRAIN to think more creatively! 

all over the globe! 

A workshop for you in your home!

If you already have a great creative mojo going & you are comfortable with your process & don't get into ruts..this isn't for you.

But, if you feel like you need that little
creative boost I've got 100 ways for you to kick it up a notch. The key is: consistency. Just like any exercise program, if you do it consistently you will see results. I can't tell you how long it will take to see the results because all results vary *wink* but, it will work!
To take this 'pace yourself' workshop, go to Rhonna Designs Workshops to purchase & download the video & class kit.
Basically, it's everything you need to take this creativity workshop...except the jar!
Your creative experience starts here.