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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

cRreative Team Tuesday: Printable Calendar & Valentine Décor

Today's cReative Team Tuesday is brought to you by Rosemary Watson & Amy Miles! Love how she is uplifting & inspiring us to use Rhonna Designs to create this fabulous Twenty Thirteen calendar!

Loving the use of the Insta Goals Insta Font here....She's got a tutorial up on her blog so go check it out!

And, next, check out what my cReative team member, Amy, has been doing with her Valentine's décor around her are some snippets of what she's captured via Instagram! I'm LOVING her use of The KISS Collection & the recycle & repurposing she's got going...& of course her eye...nothing like it! 

Thanks, Amy & Rosemary! LOVE these projects! Seriously feeling soooo uplifted & inspiRed..i need to go cReate. NOW! 

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

cReative team tuesday: A Year To Follow Your Heart

We are 10 days into twenty.12. How are you feeling? How are you doing on your New Years' Resolutions? I am happy to say..I feel GREAT! And, I must say...I owe it all to 'A Year To Follow Your Heart' digital kits....they are seriously helping me stay on track every day.
Each of us has our own way of 'getting it done'....& MyBook Planner has helped me.  
I am loving each page . each day. each way to stay accountable for my progress.

I absolutely LOVE what my cReative Team member, Melissa, has done with these kits!
Check out her blog where she tells us how SHE used these kits to stay on target with her scrapbooking, Project Life & her thoughts on these projects! 
Love how she used each of the pages as GOAL pages. simply brilliant!
& the idea of using the calendars along with the Journaling Cards is sooo fab. I just LOVE it!
slipped into page
And her idea of having the calendar to document important days in her monthly scrapbooking...I just might need to take that inspiration & run with it! Sooo fabulous!

So...I am soo excited to share the NEW Valentine's collections on Rhonna Designs this week...We are gearing up with digital & printable kits...AND a really fun giveaway for Valentine's day...
think: flowers. hearts. chocolate. perfume. *wink* It is one of my fave holidays...I just LOVE it!
stay tuned...until then...

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

a closer look at 'A Year To Follow Your Heart' 2012 Calendar & Printables

This is my mantra for this year.  
Follow Your Heart.
I learned so much last year, and have a feeling this year will be even better!  You'll be seeing a lot of 'Follow Your Heart' soon. *wink*

But, I wanted to give you a bit of the background of this whole collection.
( a little personal here, so if that bothers, you...well. you've been warned.)

Last year, I was going through a very difficult time with my health. I knew it was time for me to make a lot of changes, even though that broke my heart...and step back from everything I was doing.
I also knew that I'd made choices that were making me work way too hard & was taking a toll on my health & family. I was losing steam. creative, physical, emotional...I had to change.
So...I really had to reflect.
In the Spring, I started to get a bit better as I focused on my health...I came up with the 6 Week Shape Up challenge on my blog & each week I created these bits of art that were healing me. Art is therapy. This is so true.
So, each bit of 'Follow My Heart' is a bit of healing is my heart. 

So, I LOVE these new kits They mean a lot to me. I've been printing out & creating MyBook Planner/journal with the 'A Year To Follow Your Heart' Printable kit & loving the book I'm creating!
It's a work in progress...just as this whole year will be. But, I've come up with my first 6 Week Shape Up!
I've got 6 weeks until our anniversary...& I'm pumped & ready to rock & roll!

So, the amazing thing about this kit is that it's filled with all sorts of digital and printable files that you can use to uplift & inspire you all through the year!

This is my cover. I printed out the 'Follow Your Heart' page & then wrote my vision of what I want this year.
Inside, I printed out all of the 6x8 pages & put them in the sleeves of the journal/planner. Here, I can write each day how my goals are going, etc.  So, I'm using it more like a journal than a planner...but, I love it!
The 6 week shape up pages are PERFECT for me right now. Each of these pages is stapled on each week of the specified 6 weeks. fab, no? 
Aand, don't forget the tiny little journaling cards. perfectly delish. & so cute to have in this planner. I love them!
The 21 Challenge pages are geared towards prompting you through a challenge of your own...When you put them in the planner, you can use them for the days you need. I love it.

Ideally, you'd do the 21 Challenge first...those 3 weeks create your habit. THEN, you'd use the 6 week shape up pages & prompts. to build on what you learned & did in the 21 Challenge.  I did it a bit different since my time frame is exactly 6 weeks!
The Calendar is scrumptious, too! Each month is designed in a 6x6 format. You can print them out & put magnets on them, or bind them, or print out the PDF Printables that are mini-callies! 4x4! So cute!
And, each month has art & quotes that will uplift & inspire you!

so....I always LOVE to see what you've done with Rhonna Designs! Look What Laura did with the Monogram Junque kit! soo cute for Valentine's day! I adore it!!! Thanks so much, are amazing! Check out her blog! and the tutorial HERE

 Speaking of....I'm almost ready to release Valentine 2012 kits...I'm giddy! So, be watching for that...
AND...something I've been keeping under wraps for a while is finally here...I can spill the beans come on over! 
until then...

Saturday, December 31, 2011

New Year. New Kits. New Look. Twenty.12

I'm sooo excited about this next year...twenty.12.   
My focus & mantra for the year is to: Follow My Heart. it really means so much to me. This past year, 2011, has been such a journey about learning how to follow my heart. and....

These NEW kits tell it all: 

A calendar kit & a printable kit....fits perfectly into the MyBook Planner OR can be used on its own.

twenty.12 is inspiring. 
I'm making my resolutions & goals & I've got my 2nd marathon in the works...along with a half marathon, some NEW 21 Challenges in mind as well as a 6 week shape up I'm starting on Jan 1! 

I love it, because the 21 Challenge is 3 weeks. ...gets you all ready for a habit, goal, success.

THEN, double that & you've got the 6 week shape up...perfect time to really get some physical results in my workout program. and 18 week marathon training will start in...perfect. timing.

But...I have to start on Jan 1 and this kit will help me.  I've got it all printed out & putting in my lil MyBook Planner.  perfect start to a fabulous year.

and of course, the calendars...for everyday. 
perfect, again.

getting ready for a New Year's Eve party at our house...Happy New Year, everyone!
Let's make twenty.12 the BEST!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

on your mark. get ready. calendar!

Our web show is all about Calendars tonight. huge ones. itty bitty ones. magnetized ones. sticky ones. & everything in between. 
That is one thing I LOVE about House of 3 Printables & digital can customize & do so many different things with the same kit. over  & many times as you need.
ahhhh. the possibilities!
So, join us HERE or HERE tonight at 8:00 p.m. MST. I'll be going over to Heidi's tonight & we'll be LIVE from her new studio. *but, first I have to run by Persnickety Prints to pick up some FUN calendars they printed for us!
THEY ROCK!  Ok...lots to do before tonight...see you then!

there are new kits up on site, too. New calendars & the REmarkable definitions sheet from last week's show as well as a new REmarkable Icon brush kit that includes the cakes, tags, flags & flowers that I've used here on my blog design.