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Monday, June 6, 2011

monday makeoveR>>>DIY Fabric Flower/Ruffle Pillows

For today's Monday Makeover, I'm hoping these ideas uplift & inspire you!!!!

I wanted to show you how my pillow makeover turned out....I love them! A few weeks ago, I got this summer quilt for our bed....LOVE the color combo! grey, tan, white, cream, FAB!

As I showed you HERE, I started doing some no-sew ruffles with the cool fabric glue gun technique! Sew Easy! *giggle*

So, I added those ruffles to the edge of the plain pillow shams I got that went with the quilt...Loved the effect.

I took the covers off of some square throw pillows I had & hot glued pins on the back of all of these fabric flowers I made using THIS tutorial.  So, I could just pin them into the pillow form...easy. cheap. & I LOVE how it turned out!
Pin ItThen, I grabbed some of my fave grey flowers from the Pink Paislee collection: Parisian Anthology that we did with House of 3....Pinned them on the pillow...& voila! A floral decorative pillow....agian...Easy peasy makeover!

Pin It

The middle pillow is a plain cream pillow I had & I just did the same technique to make the ruffles....& hot glued them on. It's simple & versatile enough, I have a feeling I'll be using this pillow for a long time to it!


** all NO-SEW!** I just used the fabric hot glue best friend! *grin*

I am in the process of designing & YUDUing a burlap lumbar pillow to top off the whole look..but, I ran out of emulsion & have to burn still burn & yudu the design on the burlap.  So excited how the design turned out...I'll have to show you as soon as I'm done!

So...happy Monday!  It was so fun to makeover the pillows...what are YOU up to today?


Sunday, December 12, 2010

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

did you hear? a YUDU giveaway!!!!!

open until this Sunday night....I'm tellin' ya....the YUDU is rockin my world with the NEW flocking & glitter they've got...and FOIL! ummm....merry, merry Christmas! GO on over to the House blog NOW for comments...once we get over 1200, we'll give another one away, too! AND a $100 Gift Certificate from the House of 3....
i love the holidays! *wink*

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

DIY Christmas No. 7 :: Yudu scReen pRinting

I love the do-it-yourself possibilities with the Yudu screen printer. Seriously, this machine rocks! I'm addicted! So many fun ideas swirling around in my head.

So, in our family, we draw names & then create handmade gifts with love. Yudu will be a part of each person's gift this year! *wink*
DIY gift idea: skirt, shirt, bag, anything!
Yudu supplies: machine, screen, emulsion film
packing tape
design on a transparency
ink ( i chose the metallic silver ink...just the right amount of *sparkle*)

(you can jump on Yudu & see the video tutorials to get you started!)
Here are cell phone tweets, but you get the picture of the process.

1. Printed out my swirls as the design on a transparency. Burned the image in the screen.

2.Printed right on the black skirt with the metallic silver's so pretty & festive!

3.Continue steps until you have the desired design. Let dry....

4.It's drying on that dress form as I type. BUT...I have an idea to add the Spark inspired folded fabric flowers to this skirt...Sande & I were giddy at Kelly's class talking about combining the Yudu and the fabric flowers....I'll take a pic when done!
see u soon!